Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Ten Favorite Blogs

The following are the ten Blogs I enjoy the most daily. It has nothing to do with how good they are, and number 11 is not a bad Blog. I actually read all of the Blogs on my list on a regular basis and enjoy them a lot. Also, this is a good place to say that if you’re on my list and I have your site name mangled, or you would like to be listed differently, let me know. I will make changes as soon as I can.
I figured I would post these now, since my reading time will be going down. I took a support job after killing myself for over a year with a startup for nothing. Moral of that story: Make sure you get everything in writing.
So, support is usually a sucky job. You help people when things are going on, and twiddle your thumbs when nothing is happening. I never usually take support jobs
but I wanted to get out of the startup, and the support job was with a company I had done work with in the past, and wanted to keep a good relationship with.
Apparently my boss thinks I would be a good fit for their JSP/Struts/BEA work here. I am mostly a MicroSerf, although I do not have
blind allegiance to Bill and his megalomaniac dreams. I do some Java, but it is not my strong point. I will be doing all
of the Java work and support here for the near future. At least it is development again. Should be fun. Will definitely cut down
on my Blog Reading though. Here is the list you all have been waiting for:
10. Up For Anything
Excellent perspective and write-ups not just on his game, but on all of the happenings is the poker world. I enjoy the site a lot.
9. Poker Perspectives
I like reading Maudie’s perspectives. “Ain’t nuthin’  was especially funny! Her tourney descriptions are a very good read also.
8. Felicia Lee
Purrrrrdy! Heh. Just kidding! Although the nice picture of Felicia is a plus. Felicia plays a wide variety of games, and it is interesting to hear her perspectives on these. She travels all over the place playing live and it is great to hear about all of her adventures! I really like the writing style a lot.
7. Rymes with Joker
Lord Geznikor .. Sir FWA .. Comon! How would I not like this guy! Heh. His explanation of his name recently was very funny. I can relate. I played Baldur’s Gate too.. My name is from a video game also. I will post a full description in the future. If anyone wants to take a guess at what game my name is from go ahead. Excellent descriptions of his hands and how and why he played them. Very good reading.
6. . Al Cant Hang
I like Al’s life! Actually I like his Monkeys life, but that sounded too pathetic to lead off with. I think Al’s Blog combines a lot of different elements, not all poker, into a great end product. I love the breakdowns of other sites, and the links to good poker information. It is always interesting to read. I would move him up a few spots if his Blog weren’t so damn long! I only have a few hours to goof off Al! Do not deny it, I have proof: Al Word Count (3159), Sir (2300), and my post was longer than usual, and yours was shorter!
5. Guinness and Poker
Sorry for saying Al had long posts! Iggy (20,142) is the king! His site is great if you either want to hear about drinking, or what’s going on in the poker world. I enjoy his posts, even if I have to read them a few times to get all the way through. Keep up the good work!
4. Tao of Poker
Who wouldn’t like the Tao of Poker. Excellent writing. Good art work. Contests galore! There is always something new and exciting at Paulies site. Gambling of all weird types goes on here! Very enjoyable!
3. Chris Halverson
I always enjoy the writing in Chris’s site. It is always very good, and he changes up the subject all the time. One week its about his play, another about Hollywood Home Game, who knows what is next. I also appreciate the way Chris reaches out to other Bloggers. He was one of the first people to post a comment on my site, and encourages people to play poker and write about it.
2. Sloe Times
I like Sloejack. It seems like we are connected together by some weird Poker Karma. Sometimes it seems when I have bad days, he does too. He is always there with a nice word too. I think the appeal of his site to me is that Sloe and I seem to be on the same track. We seem to play around the same stakes. We seem to have some of the same success and failures. I would like to think our games might be similar, but it is hard to tell from a Blog. I think we are somewhere close to each other in our games, and it feels good to have someone there with you.
1. Table Tango
I love this site. It gives me a look into the world of poker that my fat Internet butt has yet to see. I hate to laugh about the jerks at the tables, because I know they cause the writer of the Blog pain, but it is sooo damn funny. I guess the site appeals to the voyeur in everyone. I feel your pain – but I am laughing too. One good side effect of this site is the fact that I will try and treat the dealers with respect and give some tips when I am doing well.


Blogger Chris Halverson said...

Wow! I'm higher than Pauly! SWEEEEEEEEET ;-)

I think you may have at least part of me mixed up with PokerGrub. He's the play guy. I'm about as unartistic as you can get :) Thanks for the kind words though.

12:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Another list I didn't make it on...

I suck.


1:27 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Chris -- Maybe I did get you mixed up a little. Still stand by my rating. Soo many Blogs .. so little brain cells!!

ICP -- The Star Wars references *almost* got you on the list. heh. I do read you every day I can though!!

3:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm flattered to have made the list - thank you!

4:35 PM

Blogger hdouble said...

i'm crying in my beer over here :(

8:46 PM

Blogger Felicia :) said...

Thanks, I think ;)

12:43 PM


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