Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Another Day Another Post

I feel like I have been droning on about the grind every day. Probably gets fairly boring to read. It is kind of boring to me. Ahh how I wish I had that 1K back.. oh well.. I will try and post some nice content for all my loyal readers. Althought the RSF was kind of cool I had never seen one on Empire to that point.

Grinding away last night. It was a weird night. A flying squirrel gets into our house when I am playing some .50/1 or NL. This is around 1AM. So I put the game on pause, and go and chase this little rodent around my son’s room for an hour. I finally figure out I am never going to catch the bastard, and my juicy .50/1 table is waiting for me. So I call the local Animal Control Officer. Apparently he is on vacation but they would be more then willing to recommend a service. It ends up costing me $350 to get someone to come and catch this guy. Unfortunately he cannot find the tricky flying rat. So I go back and hit the tables for a little more. Actually ended up being a good night. I had some good games on .50/1. The night started really badly. I just could not put two cards together. I did get 3rd in a 5/1 tourney. Promptly went out on the next hand after. I forget what I had. It was a decent hand to go all in on, but I missed it. I played some 25NL and broke even in that for the night. Played a 20/2 tourney. Came in 4th. The next hand after that the 3rd place guy goes all in and loses. I may just stick to 5/1 tourneys and .50/1 for a while. I had a fantastic night in .50/1. I doubled up my first stake and won 15$ on my second, and 3$ on my third. I had one bust out because everything I got never hit anything. I had AK and the flop is some 2,4,9 rags and never got better. I had a flush beaten by a higher flush when the final card was the 4th spade. The rest was rags and flops not connecting.

So at 3AM the rodent makes another appearance, this time in my bedroom. We call the animal control guy back, and he finally catches it and tosses it out the window. I did not look outside the window today to see if he could really fly. Oh well.

Anyway, the bankroll ended up about even for the night. I think I was maybe up a few bucks when all was said and done. One good thing about losing my bankroll is that I have become much more interested in playing 10 sided, instead of 6. I always liked 6. It seemed to me like my better hands would hold up, my flushes would hit more, it was just an all around easier and more profitable situation. Now that I have been forced to play more 10 sided games I am liking them. In 6 sided I would probably see 2-3 people in on any hand. Possibly 4 if the table was decent, and occasionally all 6. In the 10 sided (at least at .50/1), I was on tables where all 10 people were in on the flop. So the net gain is 10SB instead of 2SB. This is nice. Yes. I like this. On the turn in .50/1 you can take 5-6 people with you. Sometimes more. Six sided your usually down to 2 others. So 5BB vs 2BB. Sweet. I think my attitude towards playing with a lot of people was flawed and I have adjusted my thinking. Once my bankroll is in a healthy range again I am going to try some 2/4 10 sided instead of ½ 6 sided I think. Here is to better times!


Blogger doubleas said...

Flying squirrel in your house...I can picture it now. Funny as hell.

11:19 AM

Blogger F-Train said...

have you ever watched any of the 15/30 tables on party? it's not uncommon to see six people seeing a flop in a RAISED pot.

if only I had the bankroll...

12:04 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

"If only I had a Bankroll"
- Sigh

4:50 PM


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