Tuesday, July 27, 2004

AC Baby

Game is going well. Getting slowly back to 1100. Playing well. Keeping it under control. Good discipline. Not alot of chances to go overboard because I am playing well.

I am going down to Ocean City for Vacation -- Beach. Sand. Chicks. Wife? Oh damn! Anyway, the wife mentioned we should go for a night out in AC! So all you Bloggers out there with live experience in AC let me know where to go. I want the wife to enjoy, so it should either have a nice resterant or be near one I guess. Anyway, any tips would be appreciated. This will probably be my second live game, so even basic tips would be good. I think I am going to suck at live, but we will see.

I cannot wait for Patriots Season.. I mean football season. The pats are looking good in there division this year. I think we at least make the playoffs. Bad Blood has an EXCELENT write up on the NFC at his site. Someone should do an AFC one! Not me, I am not a good football handicapper.

*** Correction: It is not Bad Bloods site, it is Anisotropy . My appologies, but both sites are worth visiting. Not sure how I made that mistake.


Blogger BadBlood said...

While I am a HUGE Pats fan, I don't have any NFC analysis to offer on my site...

I am also into FFL's, maintaining stats for my own league for the last 10 years - but that's another story for another time.

I think you and I both shed a tear when Ricky Williams retired, huh? :)

7:45 PM

Blogger Sean said...

As for AC, hit the Borgata. They have several very good (pricey, but good) restaurants and the poker room there is the best (nicest, and softest games) in town.

And I put up my AFC breakdown today...check it out :)

9:51 AM


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