Sunday, August 01, 2004

Starting Over

Well, I finally did it. I blew my bankroll out. On the good side it was only $50 to start with. On the bad side it took a while to get up to 1K. Spent a few hours yelling and screaming, and sleeping, and being depressed. Got over that. Feeling sorta bummed about killing my entire bankroll, especially when there were some good times to stop doing so. Like when I brought it up to $600 again with some good play. I think it is good that this happened for my long term career however. I think doing this just cements home the fact you need to play at levels your bankroll can support. I did the "Higher Level Fixes All" thing too many times for my own good. I guess I was fortunate in some ways that I got away with it 2-3 times, but the fact that I now know I can lose it all is a good thing.

Anyway, I am going to cash in another $100 this week sometime. Jump back on the horse. I think I am going to play a little less. I think I was playing so much that the challenge and excitement of the game was dimished somewhat. Not to mention the wife giving me a hard time. Going to work on making my game solid again. I played some really solid poker on my downfall, and some bad poker also. I like the solid play. It resulted in small downturns as I lost blinds and folded quesitonable hands, and big upswings as I milked my good cards for every dollar they deserved.

I am going to try and get into the August Freeroll. I am not sure what I need to do to qualify, but that would be a nice win, and it does not cost anything. I know coming in 3rd was somewhat luck and somewhat good play, but if I can do it again, it would be a nice start to me new run.

Wish me luck in my climb again! I am starting at -300 instead of +800 now. Not very good, but I am excited to climb back on the horse and play solid Poker again.

I might as well share some of my asperations at this low point. I *think* it should be possible to make $2000 a month playing poker at some point. I think I need to get my bankroll up to like $5K-10K or something first. Then I can play some more worthwhile levels of Poker. It is a nice dream. The extra 2K a month while not enough to support me, definatly goes a long way to making the bills. It should be a pretty easy goal at some point in time. Once I get there I can see what the next goal would be. I think it *might* be nice to do Poker as a career, but I am not sold on that yet. It is nice to have a good IT salary coming in every month, but I also have been a bit less amused with the whole IT thing lately. It has gone from something that was enjoyable to something I have to do to pay the mortgage and support the family. With all of the outsourcing and downturns in the industry it has not been a fun few years. I have been more fortunate than many others in IT, but who knows how long that is going to last. It would be nice to have a good backup career. The wife says I can do it as soon as my bankroll reaches $360K! I guess that will be my next goal. Talk about a sweet dream! I would guess this would take a very long time (if ever), but we will see. You need some goals and dreams to play this crazy game.



Blogger The ICP said...

Aw geez, man. That sucks. You have a very good perspective on it, though. Get back on that horse and work it back up!

Above all things, don't be in a hurry to try to get anywhere with the bankroll! It's like fine wine. If you rush it, you've destroyed everything you worked so hard for. You'll have losing days, but that's why you stick to a level your bankroll can support. Don't be tempted to "step it up" and turn the loss around!

See ya at the tables!


5:28 PM

Blogger BadBlood said...

I've been exactly where you are and know exactly how you feel. It's an adjustment, but having the right attitude is definitely a step in the right direction.

7:29 AM


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