Monday, August 30, 2004

Wild Swings

I think everyone gets these “Wild Swings” but it is crazy. I had a swing of almost $100 playing .50/1, three tables. I was down $50 to about $350 and now am up to $430 or so. Image how life would be if the downswing did not happen? Sweeeeet!!

I wonder if my swings are average or really nasty. 100BB seems like a lot! It really is just busting out on two tables, and then doubling up on three. It seems like a lot though. Probably some of it is playing some hands too hard or too long. I have a fetish for sooooted cards. I am trying to curb it a little, and only play the small ones in late position. A little of it is the sway of the game.

I had nice cards that never worked out like one table this morning where I had AA three times, KK twice, and AK, AJ, AQ a few times. I think of all those hands I only won AA twice.

I had bad cards that ruled. The soooted Hammer worked out well for me. I never know how to play the board when it looks like a straight or flush, but I have good cards. I had AA earlier and it tripped up. A straight draw was on the board. I checked and called down to the river and took a nice pot. I had times when I said “No Freaking way he called a raised pot with 85o!” and the patsy beat me with the straight. Twice even!

I was down to the last 4 people in a 5/1 tourney and raised all in with QQ. In hindsight it might not have been a good idea when the guy in front of me raised a decent amount. He had A3o and beat me with AA333.

I know I have holes in my game that cause major swings and also that is just Poker. The crazy, wild, anything can happen, kick you in the balls and then pick you up and brush you off game we all love. It is why discipline and money management are so important to the game. If you want to win long term these thing matter.

As a side note just one more day and I can get rid of that horrible reminder that I lost $700 this month! Ack! I like plus $1 better!


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