Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I wanted to address some of the excellent replies to my last post.

Chris Halverson mentioned that you make all of your money in Poker post-flop. Pre-flop is very easy to play. I agree. It is the main reason I bought SSHE because after the flop I think I play conservative, read: weak-ass-leaving-lots-o-money-on-the-tables. My natural tendency is to bet a sure hand and check-call-fold the marginal ones. I beleive the right play is to count your outs, check the pot, and if you have enough outs and the pot odds are right then bet the hell out of your hand so the times you make the hand you take the maximum value. The reason for this is because once everyone see's that there is a flush on the board it is fold city. So if you do not make your money up front forgetaboutit. This is just my opinion so far. Anyway I assume SSHE will help me to better understand the correct play and why. I hope that by being less in the dark I can win even more. Right now I would say I tend to be a winning player in a site full of the worst players known to man. It is something but not what I want to be known for. I cannot tell you how many K2o's I saw last night. Anyway I should have plenty of time to read the next two days while I take a Poker hiatus.

One huge advantage you have in an online game is you can use the PC to automatically calculate your pot odds, outs, etc.. to the cent. Not sure what software out there does this, but it would be kewl to have a simple app with a couple of boxes where you can type in your hand (qd,10d) the number of opponents (4), the size of the pot (10$), the cards out already (js,8h,4d) and have it figure out what kind of odds your getting on the play. Of course if you do this you will never learn to do it in your head quickly so your live play would be effected. Is this cheating?

My Syntax is Taxing. Sorry guys. I am better at the other aspects of English like comprehension and creativity. Spelling and Grammer just get in the way. I will try to be better though.


Blogger Sloejack said...

You my want to check out something like Online Hold'em Inspector. http://www.holdeminspector.com/ Their free version looks like it does what you want, but it only works for play money games, you have to register it to get it to do real money games.

11:10 AM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree with abigail that...
The rules vary from place to place.
Yes One huge advantage you have in an online game is you can use the PC to automatically calculate your pot odds.




4:44 AM

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