Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Nuggets of Wisdom?

It has been over a month since I tilted out. It feels like years. It probably is in Poker terms. I figure in honor of going up a level 6000 hands after my major meltdown I would actually write some profound Poker content. It has been a while. So here are two things I have noticed in my quest to go up a level.

The first point is one I think I have made before. It is really bad to push towards the next level. I need to learn this lesson. We make these goals of hitting 1200 and when we get close the natural response is to become excited. The natural result of this is to try and push over the barrier, which can lead to playing a different game. Anything that takes you off of your game is deadly. So keep in mind your next goal, but do not make that the end all. If you keep doing what you did to get this close you will make it.

The next thing I want to comment on is the 300xBB level guideline. I follow this to the dollar when going up a level. You might ask yourself “Why not go up at 1177”. Technically am I risking my bankroll by doing this? No. Is the fact that I am three bucks over 300BB going to save my bankroll? Not at all. If I fall back under 1200 am I going back to the 1 / 2 tables? Not at all. I would need to drop down to 1K to consider going back down. So why was it so important for me to reach over this imaginary barrier? Discipline. It was the one thing that killed me before and I am trying to concentrate on this area of my game. I do not want the emotion and excitement of being close to moving up a level derail the importance of being a disciplined player. Going down that path leads to folly. I was very tempted to move up to 2/4 once I was a little over 1100. Giving in to that temptation could lead to other lapses in discipline. I have many areas of discipline to work on still. I am no master in that regard. However this small victory will become the foundation for the day where I am a disciplined A.K.A Professional player. When that day comes watch out Poker World because I will be unstoppable.


Blogger BadBlood said...

Good ideas. Don't let what happened to me happen to you. :)

I was within $183 of my goal, got a few bad beats and tilted away back to -$1600.

Now that I'm back within the $500 mark, I'm taking it slow and steady. I'm even willing to stop playing when I'm having a losing night, walk away, and start anew the next day.

2:12 PM


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