Thursday, October 07, 2004

Another Nice Night

Not as good as last night, but made a nice $60 profit. I was way up for a while, making it back over 1K for the first time in two weeks until I lost to two 4 of a Kinds with Boats and trips to a Boat. I played 6 sided and made a bunch of money there. I played 10 sided and made some more there. So it was nice. I am still experimenting with 6 sided. I think I like it although it is tough and people try to be more aggresive to steal more pots. If you can target the guys like that you can make ALOT of money!?!?!?!!!!

Nobody wanted to play tonight so I did not open a table. I had a good post for it too. No need to waste that so here it is:

I did a google search on Cate Edwards to see if I could find out why Cheney would check her ass out. I really do not get it? She is not that attractive. hmm. So to confirm my suspicions I did the following search:

sexy cate edwards

Your search - sexy cate edwards - did not match any documents

Just what I figured. So in Honor of the vice presidential debates the table password for tonight is cateedwardsnotsexy. I will be at the .50/1 table waiting to take your money. Probably work on my Bot a little before the game.

I thought it was a good entry but maybe I am biased. lol. I did start my Bot. I decided to use C# since I love the language. It is a little tough to find information on subclassing or hooking in C# that works. I am going to hit it again tomorrow. Once I have cloned the functionality of No-Limit Holdem (the hand odd calculator for Empire/Party) I will move on to the AI. I will then see how it works against Iggy and Al type play. You can never put these guys on a hand, and when you think you have them, they hand your ass to you. The bot might be in trouble. heh.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're biased an and asshole. she may not look that attractive to you but she might be to others, hell the twins are a hit and miss too ya know! I mean in the political world, they are what the hilton girls look like, but anywhwere like hollywood, oh pleasssssssssssseeee!

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