Monday, February 07, 2005

The Eagles have Landed

Burn Eagles Burn! Well that was one ugly game. Coyote Ugly. I mean gnawing your arm off to get away FUGLY! Why was it so ugly? Well partly because I think both defenses were incredible good! The Birds look like they got a little tired out at the end or something. However they did themselves proud for most of the game. I think Donovan really blew it for the Eagles. I think he is a good QB but he lets his nerves get the best of him. I really appreciated the commentary from the game. It was especially good of them to point out the times when Donovan kept his eyes on his receiver the whole time. You can see Rodney Harrison salivating, as he beads in on the receiver Donovan is telegraphing to, just before picking off the ball. Unfortunately they Birds were good enough to cover the spread. I have no idea what the Patriots were thinking with no deep help on the last score of the game for the Eagles. I know they hate to cover the spread, but cmon! Bill was swearing after that one. Anyway a win is a win and we are the champions once again

So my betting was mixed. I think I actually lost both bets but we will see. I lost $25 on the game to Talking Poker. The forum is cool so I guess donating a little is fine. I was really looking forward to that though!

I think I also lost my bet to Al. Well, yeah, he has to buy me a round of drinks at Foxwoods in May. However I think the best outcome of that day might be slight Alcohol poison and worse case death. God I am in trouble!

As far as all of the Dynasty talk I find it interesting. The Patriots are definitely the best team of the past five years. Winning 2 Bowls in 3 years is an accomplishment. It is especially hard in the age of parity the NFL is trying to create. I think that the parity thing might backfire however. What happens when you get a team with the reputation of winning Super Bowls? Well, the best players in the league are willing to play for that team for reduced salaries. So you end up getting talent like a Cory Dillon and probably others to come for the pure reason of winning the ring. I am not sure if we need talented players to win but it sure could not hurt.

So do we rank them up with the Dallas and 49’ers of yesteryear? I am not sure yet. Another Super Bowl or at least some dominance in the league for another few years and I guess so.

I do want to give a round of applause for TO too. The man has heart. He worked his ass off to get into this game and he was a factor. So drink a round to him! While were drinking lets give a shout to the dejected Eagles fans too. You guys were at the Bowl in numbers! You almost had enough people to give Philly a home field advantage. Whenever I hear cheering it was loudest for the Eagles.

I might as well go out on a limb and give some predictions for next year. I think the Eagles have nowhere to go but up. I think next year is going to be his one chance for a Super Bowl ring. Why? I think the Patriots are going to have a down year. We are losing our 2nd and 3rd best coaches on the team. I do not think losing Cornell and Weiss is the death knell for the Patriots but it will take some time to adjust and I think we are due for a down year. Who knows though, we are probably going to return with the same core players intact. A couple of big names are up for free agency but its not like a mass exodus. I guess I just have a problem being a winner. Heh. Oh well. I will go back to the tables and remedy that.
Since were talking about Poker a little bit I am announcing a change in my site. I am no longer going to provide daily updates of my bankroll. I think it is harmful for my career. I think I will do monthly updates unless I bust out. I think in some ways seeing change over a time span will be good for me. Baby steps. Day to Day up to Month to Month and someday maybe Year to Year or Decade to Decade. Someday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What happens when you get a team with the reputation of winning Super Bowls?"

You become the Cowboys. So...good luck with that! ;)

"I think I will do monthly updates unless I bust out."

Um...we're not gonna let this happen, remember? No busting out. Smart playing, and knowing when to stop for the night, remember?? :)

-April, who can't remember her Blogger username and pw, b/c her laptop did all that for her.

9:08 AM

Blogger Online Poker said...

Hello, great blog.

I'm just about to add your link to mine, hope you'll reciprocate.

Good luck.

9:47 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

But your Blog Suck! heh. Just kidding. It might already be on my Blogroll. If not then I will add it in the next few days or so. Good luck!

10:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, no money reports?

Hey, look who is reaching poker maturity.

Hey, guess who will continue reading.

Hey, keep writing so I can keep reading.

10:22 AM

Blogger JasonSpaceman said...

No more daily bankroll updates = great idea. Focus long term!

12:47 PM

Blogger doubleas said...

You're learning NL? Welcome to the light!

Go get 'em! Let me know if I can help in any way.

8:39 PM


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