Thursday, February 03, 2005

Life Sucks and then..

I think Poker likes me. Ya, I really do. You see it wouldn’t take so much time trying to fuck me if it did not really like me a lot. It is trying to break me so badly that I will not care about any poker hand/session. I will just play my allotted hour or two, either win or lose, and shut it down. Well screw you Poker! I am stubborn too!

So in case you have not gotten the point Poker still is kicking me in the nuts. I think .50/1 is driving me slowly insane. I mean I like when people call me to the river with the 3rd pair, but do they have to river trips every single time? Cmon, can’t we get a two pair once in a while?

At least I have been good about playing less. Not that this has helped me yet. I busted out my final $75 at Empire, so now I am a one-site wonder. I got about $90 at Party Poker and after that I am out. One thing I am proud about, instead of calling the bitch who rivered her trip 2’s a fucking cock sucking whore bag slut, I just grinned and took it up the ass like a real man. Or something like that. Next fun date: Friday night. Not sure what I want to play. I might try and hit the Blogger tables if they kick up. Might as well have fun losing my money.

I think people who know nothing about Poker have more fun playing it. We “pro’
s” tend to think our AA deserves to win when we raise it pre-flop. At least I do. It makes the A4 spiking his trip 4’s on the river a little more painful. If I was oblivious to the odds and did not feel I was entitled to win more than the person who sees 95% of the flops I think I would be happier. If I was a Poker Retard I would be blissfully happy. Oh well. Life sucks. Deal.

** UPDATE: I almost forgot. I finished a pathetic 52nd in the Poker tourney. Better than most of the Bloggers! Do you not have any pride! However far short of anything nearing even the bubble. Oh well.


Blogger Sean said...

Channeling Phil Hellmuth in this post I see...very nice :)

7:36 AM

Blogger Human Head said...

Not a bad showing at all...a damn sight better than my own horrific 122nd, that's for sure..

7:58 AM

Blogger Jorgen said...

Hi Sir,

If I were you I would devote myself to the $5 and $10 SNG's and not even mess with .5/1. I can't even imagine going to play from 5/10 to .5/1. Those people are awful and in my opinion you really need at least 300 BB's to sit at those no-foldem tables. Cheers and good luck!!

8:19 AM

Blogger April said...

Will someone convince this man to step away from the tables for a while?? He won't listen to me...see the last sentence of the first paragraph of this post. SIGH

9:43 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

In regards to the question you left on my blog about Rake Rebates:

If I were you I'd take my entire bankroll and desposit it at PokerNow using the Rake Rebate program at PokerNow. It has the same tables as Party Poker. If you deposit $100 you get $100 in bonus that require 1000 raked hands to release. After that you will get 27.5% of your portion of the rake back.

Think about how much your share of the rake was at the $5/$10 6max tables. Every hand was probably raked close to the $3 limit. Your share of that (if the table was full and even if you folded pre-flop) would be $.50. So if you played 100 hands, your share of the rake is $50. That's $13.75 back for every 100 hands.

With PokerNow you can get gift certificates and merchandise for your rebate. Some of the places actually give cash.

Anyone that plays as much as you should be getting a Rake Rebate. Please list me as a referral when you create your account at

11:36 AM

Blogger Mr Subliminal said...

<< One thing I am proud about, instead of calling the bitch who rivered her trip 2’s a fucking cock sucking whore bag slut, I just grinned and took it up the ass like a real man. >>

The humor is appreciated, but more importantly consider this an achievement. In B&M, I have learnt to quietly muck my cards facedown after a suckout, barely giving the other party so much as an acknowledgement. It was hard at first but definitely doable.

5:48 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

Stop... playing... cash... games.

You seriously need to step back for a month or so man. I got the same feeling when I played my MMORPG game too much.

8:01 PM


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