Sunday, January 30, 2005

Welcome Back Jack!

Welll.. first off if you are looking for me on Party Poker its FWALGMan without the Sir. The hat sold me and I am trying them out a little. So here is the welcome back to Party I received. I know for a fact before this is dealt that I am going to get Pocket Rockets. It was like ESP. First hand I was dealt. Names not changed to protect the innocent. Fuck them:

***** Hand History for Game 1515536146 *****
$0.5/$1 Hold'em - Sunday, January 30, 14:47:59 EDT 2005
Table Table 11431 (Real Money)
Seat 3 is the button
Total number of players : 9
Seat 1: DJM88 ( $8.34 )
Seat 2: jim317us ( $23.75 )
Seat 3: bklynslim ( $41.25 )
Seat 4: viper4157 ( $23.08 )
Seat 6: doslobos ( $20.83 )
Seat 7: spicyrqb ( $29.25 )
Seat 8: g3131g ( $45 )
Seat 9: Volsfan22 ( $9.75 )
Seat 10: FWALGMan ( $25 )
viper4157 posts small blind [$0.25].
doslobos posts big blind [$0.5].
FWALGMan posts big blind [$0.5].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to FWALGMan [ Ac Ad ]
spicyrqb folds.
g3131g calls [$0.5].
Volsfan22 has been reconnected and has 10 seconds to act.
this is annoying
Volsfan22 did not respond in time.
Volsfan22 folds.
FWALGMan raises [$0.5].
DJM88 folds.
every hand he disappears
jim317us calls [$1].
bklynslim calls [$1].
viper4157 folds.
doslobos folds.
g3131g calls [$0.5].
** Dealing Flop ** [ As, Tc, 7c ]
g3131g bets [$0.5].
FWALGMan raises [$1].
jim317us calls [$1].
bklynslim calls [$1].
g3131g calls [$0.5].
** Dealing Turn ** [ 8h ]
g3131g checks.
FWALGMan bets [$1].
jim317us calls [$1].
bklynslim calls [$1].
g3131g calls [$1].
** Dealing River ** [ Qh ]
g3131g checks.
FWALGMan bets [$1].
jim317us raises [$2].
bklynslim folds.
g3131g folds.
FWALGMan calls [$1].
jim317us shows [ 9s, Js ] a straight, eight to queen.
FWALGMan doesn't show [ Ac, Ad ] three of a kind, aces.
jim317us wins $16 from the main pot with a straight, eight to queen.

So I decide to go with it. I say “I hate Poker!”. I just play to torture myself for my indiscretions of my youth. I had incestual relations with my Kitty Cat when it was under age.

That got a nice round of Ewwwwwss!

“She had the best tongue ever!”, and a tight little ass.

So about now I am laughing my ass off. I think I might have scared a few people away though. Oh well.

“Hey, its not so bad, at least I remember her name: Mrs Fishy!”.

So anyway, I ended the session up a few buck despite having AA cracked twice, once with the J9 and once against 10-10 when the lucky bastaaad hit his 2 outer on the turn. Not saying he should have folded but it really was not very fair. So is life. So is Poker. So Shall it be. I have a theory on why I collapsed but I will keep that for the next post. So stay tuned loyal readers.


Blogger Shelly said...

No wonder your aces were cracked, you feline molester, you! ;) Welcome back!

7:20 PM


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