Saturday, March 05, 2005

Solid Night

First hand of the night. I am dealt pocket 9’s. I limp in EP. The flop is a somewhat coordinated straight possible hand, all cards below 7! So ALL IN! No, just kidding. I glance at my notes (#1: Tho Shalt not go all in with any pair, even an over pair, unless it be AA before the flop) and bet out a pot sized bet of $2. I am raised to $6 and decide to fight another day. Down around $3 for the hand. No problemo. Nice laydown I think.

I am looking at this one wicked agro. I am talking to Hella on the IM. I say to her “This guy is a wicked Aggro, show any weakness and he will bet big. I can not wait to make a hand against him.”. Unfortunately vtc beats me to it and takes his whole stack with a boat, Aces over 9’s. Oh well. At least the agro had the baby side of the boat.

So to distract me from my hands and make me play better I was talking to Texas. She and I were arguing between standard raises, always leading out with the same raise, like 4xBB or mixing it up AA for 4xBB one time, and 2x the next. Here is how it ended:

[22:45] Texas: what does Phil (Hellmuth) think of your standard raise strategy?
[22:45] SirFWALGMan: he likes it
[22:45] Texas: did you even ask?
[22:45] SirFWALGMan: besides, what has he won lately
[22:45] Texas: lol

See my logic is sound. Heh. No wonder I never win anything! Doh!

So I played a 10/1 NL SNG and placed 3rd. So I decide to play another one and get into a limit SNG by accident. I HATE LIMIT! I came in 6th in that one. No cards. A couple bad moves. I decide to fold my 25/NL game for the night. I am down a buck but no biggie.

I then say “Well, I did not technically play the last NL that I wanted to”.. so I fire up a 10/1 SNG and play tight as hell, getting blinded down and losing a few AK hands. I have 675 left with the blinds going up and decide I need to make a move. So I raise with QQ. Everyone folds. Guess I had been playing too tight. I then get AK. I raise and everyone folds. I then get AA!! Now I could have slow played this but I decide that everyone now thinks I am a maniac so I go all in. I get called by a stack about even with mine and the aces stand up against KJ. She did hit here Jack. Jack shit that is. So now I am feeling good and I get dealt Q2 in the blind. I get the guy in front of me and that is it. The flop is Q-10-Q. I check. Glyphic screams at me “STOP SLOW PLAYING”. The other guy checks. The next card is a 10. I check. Glyph is really mad now. I say “Hold on I am trying to trap him”. The guy goes all in with $1200 on a stone cold bluff and I call him!
The rest of the tourney is a blur. I got up to 4K vs the old big dog HU who had 2K left. I applied some pressure, got some Kings, bluffed a little. Finally I took him out. First place in the SNG to end the night up around $40. Not bad. Tomorrow I hope my monsters will come back in the cash game. It would be nice to get out of the $300 range.

I know I should not share this but I feel inclined. I think it would be nice to make it to 1K in 10 days. Ha! The chances of doing this are slim to none, but I figure if I make $75 a night for the next 10 days I am there. I will be doing nothing to try and make this happen. Just dreaming.


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