Saturday, April 30, 2005

Studly Again

Well, I switched my game for a bit to 7-Card Stud. The .50/1 guys will call down with any two pair even when I am showing 4 spades. Excellent. Makes for some suckouts, but when you win a pot, usually 3-4 people are there at the river with you making your pot odds incredible. I only doubled up tonight. I expect to do better tomorrow. Hell, if I actually knew how to play this game I could do really well.

I played my mini-step again. I folded a hand when I was pot committed which was sort of bad. Sorry. I thought I was beat for sure. I was actually ahead. Then I had to push with 44, turned my set, but got rivered by a flooooosh. Baataaaaaaaad! Oh well. Easy come easy go. I will probably do a mini tomorrow night too. Not sure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad to see someone else find the seven card stud tables a dream to play on at Party Poker. I have been playing the .5/1 for a while, made around $700 in about 8 months mostly playing those tables.

2:14 PM


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