Monday, May 02, 2005

"I am glad to see someone else find the seven card stud tables a dream to play on at Party Poker. I have been playing the .5/1 for a while, made around $700 in about 8 months mostly playing those tables."

Hey thanks for the info. It has been fun doing something different. If anyone has any tips on stud they would like to share that would be cool. Here is SirF's basic strategy as understood from the few books he has tried to read. I know I need something better.

Starting Hands:
For the most part these are the hands I will see a 4th card with.

3-flush. If I have a 3-Flush dealt to me I will always see a 4th card. However I might not do so if I see 2 or more of my suit in other people's hands.

3-Straight. Same as a 3-flush. Looking at other people's hands to tell if alot of my cards are used.

4-Trips. Woo hoo! Best starting hand in Stud I think! I have seen one so far and it got cracked. However this is great to see.

5-Pockets. I like playing pockets. I really want to see them improve quickly though.

6-Big Cards. Things that work together. I will see a 4th card with two overs, where everyone else seems to have small cards, etc.. Or if I have two big cards and my ace suits up with a smaller card or something. These are much fishier and I am probably playing too many of these.

Fourth Street:
I really want my flushes and straights to be defined here. I will look at another card but it is nice to have my 4-flush or 4-straight here. Otherwise I am looking to fold.

If I have pockets I want to make sure there bigger than anything I see out there. I would love to get trips or two pair here. Not necessary. Really depends on what other people are showing in there hands. If someone has a nice flush working and I only have a small pair I will consider dumping my hand.

Fifth Street:
Here is where I drop off alot of hands. My Flush or straight better be 4 cards. I should have a high pair and other people's hands must not have anything. If I decide to proceed from here I think I am ahead and I am comitted until the end.

So anyway, some really basic play on my part. Probably all wrong. I have no idea when to ram the pot. I also think I chase certain hands too far. I think I should be able to make 4x buyin two tabling. So around 100 per night. So far I am making 1x buyin. I am not complaining. I just think if I played better, I.E. "Knew what the hell I was doing", I could do alot better.


Blogger Buffalo66 said...

On the stud train, eh? Welcome to the dark side.

A few things that might help:

-try the stud SNG's. 8 players, 3 spots pay. Especially on Party, where the limits rise so slowly, you should do well. Just wait for a premium starting hand.

-pay attention to the dead cards. Paragon poker pal demo (free) version keeps track of all the dead cards. Kinda clunky software but good to have when you're trying to remember if all the 8s are dead.

-3 suited is not always a starting hand, depending on how many other are showing. 3 suited w/ straight possibilities is another story.

Good Luck!

5:05 PM

Blogger Poker Nerd said...

With the poor ante structure at Party in low-limit Stud, you'll have to play looser than normal early in hands.

The Stud section in the original Super/System is an excellent resource if you're looking for a how-to.

6:34 AM


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