Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nein! Nein!

Well I had an ok night. Some good laydowns. ITM in three or four SNGs. No first place finishes but seconds and thirds. Did not lose a single one which is always nice. I played some 25/NL cash too. Ended up losing ten bucks there. How you ask? Well after hours of playing uber tight and getting nothing I end up in this hand.

I have KK. I bet a buck pre-flop and two people call. So the flop is a 886. Now I think there could be an 8 but screw it. I bet out two bucks. The guy with a large stack folds. I get one caller. He only has four bucks left at this point and the pot is seven. A nine hits the turn. I bet two again and he pushes. I call. The cards are flipped and he shows a 96 for two pair. Two pair less then my two pair. He is DEAD! Until that is he hits the 9 on the river. NEIN!NEIN!!!!! I actually took it in stride. If I had won that pot I would be up ten bucks in the cash game for the night. I put my money in with the best hand. I did goot.

So all in all a good night. Up about ten bucks. Which is 20% of my original stack. So that is good. Only played until Midnight. Left down in the cash game. Played good. Solid. ABC. Poker. I am satisfied with my whole game tonight. We shall see about tomorrow..


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