Friday, July 08, 2005


Cash game was up and down tonight. Lost a buyin at 50 and 25. Cash game has not been going well. I made a buyin at 25 too. I lost the 2/0 tonight. I was not really into it. Too sleepy from last night. I did have a psychic friends network moment when I called a third of my stack off on two all in's with 9T clubs. It was the 2/0 MTT. I hit my flush of course. I just had a feeling. It paid off. Although I did not survive too much longer.

I also won two 20/2's back to back. That was nice. I am really becoming a good SNG player. Overall up a little to just shy of 800. Not bad considering two days ago I was at 390ish.

The 25/NL cash game bustout was just the normal fish at Party catching. I have AA and the board turns a second spade so I push in for EIGHTEEN bucks. OF COURSE the K high nothing flush calls. Why? Because he was getting odds. LMAO. What kind of odds are those? Risking eighteen bucks to make seven. Ummm.. fish ones? I dunno. IDIOT. What the hell are you even doing calling my pre-flop raise with K2 spades. I then next hand flop two pair. A guy has JT and catches a third ten on the turn. What can ya do?
I put my final six bucks in on that flop.

BTW: The fish who called my eighteen taught me something new. That Party Poker always gives a flush on the river, and I should play Party Poker Odds instead of real poker odds. Hmmmm. I wonder why that genius is playing 25/NL.


Blogger Heafy said...

You could almost hear him scream..."K2 - but they were SUITED!"

4:44 PM


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