Thursday, July 14, 2005

Almost Busted

Welllll... I tilted yet again. It seems like I can handle single day loses but when I start losing 4-5 days in a row I tend to go crazy. Oh well. It was fun going down at least. I played a 200+15 SNG for the first time ever. I do not think the opponents are that good to tell you the truth. Aggressive. Strong. Not really good though. At least at the table I was at.

I busted out of the 1250 freeroll on one of my first hands. KK vs QT. Flop Qxx. QT goes all in. Cause he has a good kicker and all. Also my pre-flop raise of 200 was not too scary. SO I call knowing he has a Q and getting ready to scoup MY chips. Until the turn is a T.. oh yeah, the river is a T too just to mock me a little more.

I did well in the 2/0. Busted out 278th. I MAY have overplayed AK a little, but I do not think so. I am against AT diamonds who raised his whole stack pre-flop, and JT off who called 50% of his stack, and then called with an OESD when I pushed. So he got rivered by AT diamonds who hit his flush, after he made his straight. So the AK was the 3rd best hand. Ummmm. Not fun. I think I took it well. Of course having 10K in chips with 278 left and not making the 3.00 money is really dissapointing. I am trying to figure out where I could have gotten out of this. I raised 1600 pre-flop, and I go re-raised to 3600. Like a dummy I just cold called. I should have pushed pre-flop and made sure it was HU. Oh well. The flop gives me a ten with the OESD on the board and a couple of diamonds. So I push. I get called by someone I have covered. He mades his OESD and the flush boy makes his hand. Neither of those hands warrant calling 1600 much less calling an all in push. However it is Party Poker.

So anyway. I did manage to get a backer. Veneno gets bored when I am not there to sweat her, so she gave me 25 from her stack. I am under orders to play 4 5/1 SNGs and the 1/0 (or 2/0 possibly) and then report back for more orders. Once I get to 200 I pay her back 50 and am free of her oppressive yoke.. just kidding! If I lose the 25 I will probably take a little time off.

I took 2nd in two of the 5/1 SNGs, and bubbled in the third. I could have made first twice, however I went all in with a nut straight against QT, and she rivered a Q, and I went all in with TPTK and he rivered a straight. Oh well. Second is ok.

Thanks for the words DiBoss. So true. Someday. Someday. I do actually feel like I am getting better at accepting the bad beats. Still not there though.


Anonymous Veneno said...

Sorry to see the fishes torture you in that way.

What is this about losing the $25? I expect get busy!

Also, yes I enjoy the game much more when you are around. You know the game so well..and are a great coach..and love to talk, talk, I cannot be bored with you online.

Besides..I think you like my Yoke..being bossed around by the Veneno..isn't that fun?

But what good did backing you do? Are you around to sweat me?...nooooo..Where did I go wrong?

Would be a shame to see you give up on poker. But I guess there are other things you would enjoy. What would that be? I am not I guess you could figure it out if you had to.

1:53 AM

Anonymous Iggy said...

What happened? I leave to take care of some domestic chores and when I return you are busted.

You were right....I do bring you good luck.

I should have never left your side....damn the wife and her marching orders.

But don't give up veneno said, the game is absolutely much more enjoyable with you on-line.

8:37 AM

Blogger Juice said...

Head up mate.All you can do when you are getting punished is think about whether you made the right decisions and if you did then you can sleep easy if not then think about why you did what you did. If the cards are not running it might be cheaper to step back and take a break. Come back with a clear head and see if the cards are better.

Anyhow good luck! If you fancy swapping blog links mine is

10:47 AM

Blogger littleacornman said...

Hang in there Sir.You've built a decent bankroll before.You have the ability.Play your A game.
Good luck,
Little Acornman

3:13 PM


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