Monday, October 31, 2005

Oh man..

Well.. the MTTs failed me tonight, but I took $50 to the 5/10 tables and ran that up to $250 in about 5 minutes. So not a bad night at all. I am starting to formulate a new stupid plan. Play $50 on a 5/10 table every night.. hmmm.. I mean $50 is WAYYY in my bankroll limit. If I get just a few good hands I can run that up to a nice stack. Not risking too much.. hmm..

Anyway, I need to take a day or two off to heal my back. I have been having upper back pain around the neck for 2 weeks. Hurts. Ouch. See how much I give to you guys.. I will return soon..


Blogger Veneno said...

You are definitely in the "special" category. These hit and runs of yours keep working out. Congrats. Take care of yourself and feel better sooooon!

Best wishes...

11:04 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

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5:54 AM

Blogger merrymonk said...

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2:55 PM


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