Saturday, November 12, 2005

20/2 SNG Writeup

I usually do not do nice tourney writeups but I figured I would give it a shot. The scene is the Stars 180 person SNG. I blatently use the format of Dr. Pauly from Tao of Poker with my unique perspective into my own mind. I hope you enjoy.

11:49 I get pocket aces. I decide to change my game up and I limp. Hoping for a raise. I get one from the 6 and I push when it comes to me since 2 others limped. I was hoping for HU now. I get two callers. KJo and 77. Even though the flop is a scary OESD I hold. Third hand of the tourney and I am up to 4K. That fits my style great.

11:51 I get pocket 2’s. The BB. It is raised to me. I call. He bets out low on a KJx board, I re-raise the pot, take it, and then show.

11:54 I limp with 97. Flop is ATT. I call a few small bets to the river where I catch my 9 high flush. I win.

11:55 66. I flop the Satanic set. I bet the pot on the flop. No need to screw around. It was big enough. I am not up to 4755.

11:57 I bluff off 400 with the hammer. Fucker called me to the river. Probably had KQ. I should have shown.

11:58 Reading a bit of the little green book. Excellent book. Like it a lot.

11:59 Remind myself to calm down and play Tight Aggressive now. It is mine to lose. 138 people are left. I am GOING to win if I have anything to say about it.

12:02 Raise 150 with AJ s00ted and get called by QT same suit. He hits his ten. I have the flush draw and two overs by the river but do not improve. Down to 3400 now. Deep breaths. I want to keep playing aggressive. I have the stack and I need to improve.

12:06 In last position raise 180 with ATo. I get 2 callers. I have no idea what crap they called me with but with the board that fell they are both morons. 3K left in chips.

12:08 T8 draws out a runner straight on someone. One of these morons is going to double me up. 199 people left. Going to tighten up since the table is so fucked up and will call any pre-flop raise, and try and bring this baby home.

12:11 The two most idiotic people are all in. They both had the same hand. Wow. K6 and 63. Winnahs on the 66335 board. I folded my 3. I am so proud. 115 left. One of those two WILL double me up.

12:17 KJ in late position. Flop is KQ6. I think I am good. I raise 200. I get cold called. Another queen on the turn I bet 300. I get cold called. Now I am suspicious. He checks. I cold call. He turns over 66, flopped set, turned boat. Ouch. 2360 chips. Oh well. It started well and is nowhere near over but it hurts.

12:23 Finally win a hand with Q9 s00ted. Q on the flop. I bet the pot. Everyone folds. +400.

12:24 Lose to a min raise with A6h. Saw the flop. Folded. Like the hand pre-flop, but I think sometimes I am way too in love with s00ted Aces.

12:25 AK pushes on the turn when an Ace flops. A 6 hits the river to give 76o a win. LMAO. At least it wasn’t me.

12:27 AJ s000ted. Raise 300 pre-flop. Blinds are 100 now. One caller. The flop gives me the OESD so I bet out the 650 pot and take it down. 2760 in chips.

12:31 On of my main morons has lost most of his chips. It is sad really cause now only one guy wants to double me up. Oh well.

12:35 Breaks coming. 2610 chips. 150 blinds after the break. I have a little time. Not a lot. Need some good hands me thinks.

12:39 Got some cheese and water for the break. I suggest to all MTT players. Get up. Walk. Pee. Get some food, not sugary, and some water, then your mind will be ready for the next phase.

12:45 Ouch. I raise A9 s00ted to 900 pre-flop, 55 calls, and I hit my TPTK and he hits his set. Down to 500 now. What a tool. He is so beat like 90% of the time. Way too much of a bet to call with that. 510 left.

12:48 All in with AKo. 88 Calls me and I hold up. 1099 chips. Still super aggressive time with 150 blinds.

12:53 Have Pocket 6’s. Going to call a short stack all in for what I hope is a 50/50, but when it goes 3 ways I fold. QJ wins that one.

12:58 A9 s00ted holds and doubled me.

12:59 A min raiser. I have 99. I push again. I get 600 more chips. I have recovered to 2600. Not good but not bad.

1:00 I have AT s00ted. The small stack raises. I re-raise to isolate. Wow, I sound like a real poker player. She calls. I push her in for her remaining 250 on the flop. She turns Q9 s00ted. Same s00t as me. We both river flushes but mine is the nuts. I am going super tight super aggressive now that I double the blinds.

1:05 Out. AK in late position. One guy raises all in. I call. This is a 50/50 at worse I think AND if I win I am definitely taking final table. It is one of those times in every tourney where you have to take a chance and hope. Out in 47th is acceptable to me. I could have waited longer. However this was a possible turning point for this game. I would do it every time if the cards were flipped up. Every. Single. Time.


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Letting others into the mind of like you are getting serious about your blog. Where is the emotion?.Just messing..Nice recap.

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