Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Howl at the Moon

It’s a full moon tonight.. the light filters in through the windows and Sir can not sleep. SO what is he to do? PLAY of course. So there is O8.. yes, sometimes good, sometimes not so much.. and what is this.. a 130 person MTT. Ok. Not bad odds. The game goes well. I still have not regained my groove in MTTs. I make a bad move with AQ s00ted. It pays off when I river the flush. I then have the hand of all hands. The one called the NUTS. I have this hand on the river. It is a river strong with draws but nothing completed.. so I push with my 7K.. I get two callers.. The world is bright and sunny, because when I win this hand I will be set. It is the kind of hand that turns an MTT around. A set of Jacks.. one guy turns over his set of tens. Domination! The other guy, Q9 s00ted with a straight draw and a flush. As I hope to rack my chips in the inevitable 8 falls. Like a dark cloud I know my tourney is over.. yes, it would take another 25 hands for me to bust out, on an Ace high flush draw, but the real defeat happened on that previous hand. Who knows why Q9 s00ted called a pre-flop raise, or risked his entire game on a draw, albeit a good one, but that spelled the end of that chance as the Pokerstars account drains lower. Who knows what might happen another night with a full moon and a restless Sir.. who knows..


Blogger Veneno said...

Howling at the Moon..sounds fun!

I think we should have our rematch soon. Veneno loves full moons..lol

6:10 AM


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