Saturday, November 26, 2005

It was a fun month

Dr. Pauly’s Saturday. Synopsis. I played one hell of a game. Was short stacked. Pushed with AQ s00000ted and got killed by BG’s KJo. It’s poker. It happens. It feels sucky. It would be nice to win a coinflip (64% vs 35%) on occasion. Out in 18th.


Blogger Veneno said...


Well you can still try to beat me HU. I have been really your odds of taking a lead would be excellent. Of course, I will fight to the death, so don't expect a pushover game.

12:57 PM

Anonymous Ingoal said...

Well, could have been worse, like my 42nd place finish ;-)

At least everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! I've never seen such a groovy atmosphere (from both the players and observers (excluding the "..can i borrow..." dudes)) at a tournament! I'm really looking forward to the next tournaments (hopefully I'll have the time and bankroll to participate in all of them)!

1:33 PM


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