Friday, November 25, 2005


Last night was no fun at all.. welllllll scooping a $251 pot was a little bit of fun, but besides that! I know my tilt well at least. It has become VERY specific. I do not get mad when I lose a hand, or when I lose a buyin. It really is a set of things that have to happen. I do not tilt in game and start playing poorly. My tilt is induced by winning and then taking a sharp downturn. For instance this one. I am doing great. Up to $320 in the past week. Woo hoo! So then I have a good night where I win $80 and nip at the heels of $400. So I play some HE in a rebuy MTT. I rebuy a little too much and lose $40. I then lose $40 at an Omaha game. So my night is back to zero. Not terrible but dissapointing. I then come back the next day and donk off another $40. Ok. I can deal. However the bankroll is now down to $280. So I come back the next day and this is when I go off. I lose $40, and then instead of my usual routine of leaving down a buyin I decide to try and made it back. Because I am down to $240 now. So I lose another buyin.. and that drives me over the edge of no return. I will not stop until I win MY money back. So there you have it. A look into a very bad form of tilt. My personal pet monkey.

I am hoping that in time, when I get back to a larger bankroll, and play 1/2 PL08 consistantly, the swings will bother me less as they will be alot less of a percentage of my bankroll. However it is going to take a while to build up a 2-3K bankroll so we will just have to hope I make it there.

Oh, and if Veneno suggests you play the 5.50 PLO8 SNG game on Stars DO NOT. It take freaking forever. I won but I can never get those three hours of my life back!!!


Blogger Veneno said...

It was like 30 minute. And I was just trying to distract you from tilting away your bankroll. I think it worked. You are still alive boy. How about a Thanks

7:17 PM

Blogger BadBlood said...

Sir, that is why it is so important to play stakes that are in proportion to your roll.

I had the EXACT same tendencies. Right now, I have 20 buy-ins at the level I'm playing at. I have a spreadsheet open showing how my roll is spread among various sites.

When I lose a buy-in, I see it in relation to the bankroll and seriously don't sweat it anymore.

That's why I've been a proponent of growing the roll slowly, steadily until you can play at the limits your roll dictates.

Just a recommendation from someone who's been there.

Best of luck to you man.

7:29 PM


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