Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I AM SO EXCITED. I made a play in O8. It worked too. Here is the situation. I have ATQ4 2 diamonds to the Ace. Some tool raises $3 pre-flop and four people are in so I go along. The flop is AMAZING. It is 2 diamonds, 23. So I have the NUT high draw in multiple ways and the NUT low draw. I push on the flop. The draws HAVE to pay. I am scared I will not make anything but excited. I get two callers for the ride and I hit BOTH hands. I had to give 1/4th to another A4 low but I made a GREAT play and ended up making $32 in one hand. Which was almost double the $40 I bought in for. All this in the first 5 minutes of playing with a bunch of people I hope to get to know better.

My my my.. next hand. A2T9 two hearts. Again a nice two heart flop with the NUT high and LOW. I let my buddy bet this one out. I caught the low on the river. I fully expected to be quartered since three of us were in it. HOWEVER on guy was drawing to the K high flush, the other guy had the AA for the high. So I only took the low. All alone. Up another $15. This by the way was NOT the best way to play A2 low. However it worked out.

OMG. Next hand. A3 s00ted. I flop the NUT low with the A3, turn the NUT straight, with a river possibility of the NUT flush! Only made $11 on that one. Up to $86 right now.

My boy XXTICKERXX who is a decent player had this hand where he had the NUT set and then the NUT boat. I say nice hand Tik. The guy who loses a bunch of money and says “I had the lower boat”. I just GRIN and say “Wow, nice hand, tough luck there”.

Oh then I flop the NUT boat. I make it $3 into a $9 pot to play. I figured I would give the NUT low a chance to get to 4 to a low before I creamed him. I get 4 callers. The turn does not help the NUT low or any highs, so I push, and everyone folds. Up to $95 on my dream table.

OMG! It just got better! Holyman_Zed came by. I heard he is not very good either. Although the night I played with him I thought he was alright. My only fear right now is my wife coming home and telling me it is dinner time.

I can not thank Trauma and Drizz enough for talking through hands with me in Omaha. I play much better when they are there for support. Especially Trauma. They have very different styles, and for now I am more aligned with Drizz. He tends to be more conservative in my opinion.


Blogger TraumaPoker said...

I am sad now, I still got about an hour left of work before I can go home and join you. DONT TAKE ALL THE DONKEYS MONEY YET!!! LEAVE ME SOME!! I would say Drizz is more conservative then me from what I have seen, having the ability to bounce ideas off both of us probably lets you see some interesting thinking processes. I am digging the small bet on the flopped boat because donkeys do chase runner runner nut low draws.

3:37 PM

Blogger merrymonk said...

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2:28 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

I am conservative and come from the School of Felicia, but... I will make moves when I feel the board and players will cooperate.

But with so many people willing to bet into nut-nut hands there's no sense in busting out the fancy-play stuff.

7:02 AM


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