Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dissapointing night..

Had a dissapointing night. Had the stack up to almost $400, after a nice +45 on the O8 tables.. then I proceeded to donk it off in some tourneys and THEN after the tourneys I donked another $40 off on the O8 table. I mean who was I to go all in with AA and a 9xx flop. Actually I am horrified by that play. That is NOT how you win. I should have possibly gotten away from the hand.. but sets are hard to see, and the guy called a pretty decent size raise pre-flop. Oh well. The other tourney I overplayed an OESD. The dummy who won had third pair. WHAT THE HECK?

The $40 went on a bad draw and a good draw. The bad draw was with a NUT low draw AND possibly a NUT straight. It wasnt a wrap. I was sorta chasing the low. Not good. The other hand I think was better. I called my last $20 off with the NUT straight and NUT flush draw with NO LOW. Missed everything AND the river made a low, LMAO. Some guy with two pair, rivered a boat with that, and won. WOW! Good players..

I also busted out of UB on an all in vs a low and a gutshot straight draw.. guess who caught and took it? If you want the worlds worse O8 players I nominate UB. I hate UB anyways and only had $25 on there. I think I owe some people money. From the HUCII. If I owe you let me know.


Blogger Veneno said...

I share your pain. Omaha did not treat me good yesterday. Of course, in my case, I played poorly.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

7:50 AM


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