Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ready and waiting..

Tonight is the night. I am prepared. I cashed out of Titan. I have kind of lost my desire to play there. If they comp me some money again I might but with a slow run at MTTs and nothing really clicking there I decided to switch to Full Tilt. I started out with $50. I am going to try and grow the bankroll slowly there. First on the schedule is SNGs. I played last night. I basically had a 5K chip lead until the very end where one guy took out the last four players and had an 11K to 2K lead on me. I was able to take the lead on his poor play, but he got lucky with a straight draw on the river, and caught up again. I guess I can not complain because my push with 47s00ted against his Kx flopping a straight was kinda cool too. He finally took me out when I had to push with K6 vs KT. T6 flop basically sealed my deal. So I am up $16 on my first day at Full Tilt. I like there SNG layout much better than any other site out there. You start with chips. The rounds are long. The rounds are not so long that you knit a sweater with your nose hair. Next up more SNG action of the 10/1 variety and a small MTT to test the waters.

The Stars account is doing alright. I had my first losing session of PLO8. It did not have to be that way as I was up almost double for a while. After a bad call I just never got it back together. Oh well. I dropped one $40 buyin. Still up overall. I cashed a little out of Stars and will be building that bankroll up from $200.

I am ready for Foxwoods. Dr. Pauly's cell number, check. Directions to Foxwoods, check. Bright Red Sox shirt, check. Champion Patriots Hat, check. I decided to bring $150 for my first taste of live play. I hope it is enough. I am a little nervous about doing something stupid or saying the wrong thing. Forget it if I win a big pot. Especially if I have had anything to drink I am letting out a HUGE BOOYAH! I will try to contain my enthusiasm though. I forget what we are going to play, hopefully a little NL, as it would probably be more exciting than limit. Mapquest says it is 1.28 hours to Foxwoods from here. I remember it being longer but we will see. It is 80 miles. I plan on leaving at 6:00 and getting there around 7:30. I hope enough of the traffic has let up by then so this does not end up being a 3 hour trip. We will see.


Blogger TraumaPoker said...

Remember it is appropriate after taking down a pot with quads to yell out “Dems quads beeetches!!!”

8:44 AM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Lucky man. I love live casino action. Don't worry about doing anything stupid. If anything, let everyone know that this is your first time playing at a casino. They probably won't believe you, but that is good. Then, let loose on those mofos. With 150$ I'd stick to 1/2 NL or 3/6 limit. Take your time at first, because the table's aggressiveness is very important and vary widely from table to table. At one table, 20$ pre-flop bets are common, where at another, everyone folds to $8 pre-flop bets. Good luck, man.

8:58 AM

Blogger cmitch said...

Good luck.

You will probably be surprised at how loose the NL tables are. At lot of people will be there to gamble especially at the $1/$2 NL. You will have some players at the table that were either going to lose $300-$500 playing blackjack or playing poker. Either way some of them are expecting to lose and will be playing very loose because it is "more fun."

Usually tight is right and a lot of the players won't even be concerned that this is the first pot you've played in 30 hands.

10:19 AM


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