Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cool Beans

I think I am running out of titles for my posts with Yowezers and Cool Beans. Oh well. It was a great night. Hell, it has been a great Poker week. I had MY BEST EVER O8 night. I quadrupled up on a table smashing the fish into little pieces as I had three of three flush draws AND swept many of those pots with the 2nd NUT low. Man I love O8 at 3AM.. the drunks are out and the game is good.

I then went over to Full Tilt. I played some Razz to start out. I actually ended up with a profit. I have a basic razz strategy although I confess I know nothing about the game. Basically I play pretty tight with 3-low cards to start or no play. I then want my 4th low card by 4th street or sometimes I will see 5th if I have a nice low draw. Anyway it worked tonight as I got TWO NUT Razz lows. A2345, the wheele baby! Booyah! It was a lot of fun.

I played Veneno HU and did not fair as well. I was way ahead and then let her back in the game. My bad. I dunno if I got bored or what but she ended up winning.

So after that we both go ahead and enter a $10/SNG. I probably should avoid these on FT because I only have $65 (with tonight's wins) but what the hell. I ended up coming in first place. Veneno was a close third. I have no strategy information for this SNG. As I play more O8, Holdem has become a fun diversion. Frustrating in its ability to reward bad play. I guess I have always though this but my attitude is sort of shifting. I basically do not care if I win these HE game. If I get pissed off that someone outdrew me with crap who cares. It is not my main game right now. It is an exciting diversion. The crack-cocaine of my Poker world these days. I like it for its speed and stress but it is not my bread winner right now.

So basically I am up $15 for the night on FT AAAAAND I am freerolling in April's HORSE tourney. If you do not know what "APRIL'S HORSE TOURNEY" is.. it does not involve barn animals even though she IS from TEXAS. The details are on her blog. Basically. Full Tilt. HORSE. January 20th. WBPT. Be there. It is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.


Blogger Veneno said...

You got bored while we played HU? is that all it takes to beat you?

Congrats on your SNG win!

9:35 AM

Blogger iamhoff said...

Congrats on the SNG. After missing the DADI Omalympics last week, I decided to play some ring O8. I am NOT ready for that game. I couldn't catch a strong high hand to save my life, sets cracked, straights cracked, etc., and when I'd have the low, I'd always wind up chopping the low. If I'm going to play Omaha, I've got to ease into regular Omaha and then transition into O8. Good luck with it...better you than I, Gunga Din

1:06 PM


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