Tuesday, January 17, 2006

No Poker

I was itching to play last night but I was working until 10PM. It was cool though. I got to chat with April for a little. She introduced me to the site http://www.touchofclasscatalog.com. Search keyword poker. Now the site itself is interesting but what is REALLY cool is the ZOOM feature all of there items have. One of the best implementations of a zoom I have ever seen!

I was telling April how much I want to win the HORSE tourney.. or at least place ITM. I need another notch on my belt. It was a good time last year with the first place finish in Saturdays with Pauly and the forth place finish in the DADI this year. Hopefully Kat will give me a boost early on.. heh. She was the unfortionate victim of some excellent cards I had in the final two Pauly's.

I also got to chat with Hella. She has tempted me with the fruit of ULTIMA ONLINE. DA DA DAAAA.. I know if I start playing that game though I will be found dead of starvation after a six day binge of playing. So I will leave it to her. She is doing very well with her 24 million GP starter home. I have not seen her other house, the one in the Hamptons, but I am sure it is nice too. She has to stop wearing that wedding dress into battle though!

So after I worked until 10PM I did my second favorite thing at work until 1AM. I watched Anime! I know I am a nerd. So what. A guy at work brought in 30 gigs worth of Naruto. It is the entire series in good quality video. It is Japanese with English subtitles. You can actually catch the American version on Cartoon Network Saturday nights. What, you want to know the plot? Ok. I guess I owe Veneno some explaination for why I can not play her HU.

It is basically set in a semi-tech / semi-feudal Japanese land. So they have (some) computers and video but no cars, guns or paved roads. Go figure. It follows the story of a young Ninja named Naruto and his clan. Excellent Ninja battles and weird Ninjitsu powers abound. It is also very bloody. Naruto is basically a charector that has a Demon Fox imprisoned in his body as a baby to save the village. He grows up with all of his peers shunning him because they sense their parents fear of what is inside of him. Instead of becoming a bitter angry person, like I would, he holds onto his dreams of one day become the head ninja of the village and proving to everyone he is the best. The battles are really cool and the different powers and skills that each charector weilds are interesting. The battles are not simply I put this move on you and you lose. It is alot of deception and planning ahead to defeat an enemy. Sort of like a chess match. This makes the battles more interesting. Anyhow, thankfully, there are only 169 episodes and I have finished going through 120 or so.. I should be able to get back to Poker very soon. If anyone should happen to find this post while Googling Naruto.. Poker is fun too so click on my Full Tilt banner and sign up!! Arigato!


Blogger katitude said...

Babes, methinks its about time for you to donate to me *grin.

10:27 AM

Blogger Kent said...

After reading your blog (and other articles online), I'm thinking that I may have to take up Omaha 8. I've had decent beginner's luck playing limit hold 'em, but everything I've read says that the profit is better playing Omaha, and it's easier to play.

Can you recommend a good book?

Also, I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to link your page from my blog. Hopefully some of my readers will find it interesting as well.

4:53 PM

Blogger Shelly said...

it's soooo not a wedding dress! that's rare pure white cloth, you know! :)

8:21 PM

Blogger Veneno said...

I'm retiring from HU. Haven't you heard, I SUCK!!! Your excuse is too late. Now you will need to beg for a game and we both know that ain't gonna happen.

Enjoy your cartoons.


7:37 AM


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