Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mr. Dreamy Visits Sir Waffles House of Pain

Mr. Dreamy is a stellar player. He routinely runs his $20 Titan buyins up to $2500 and cashes out. Something funny has happened tonight though. Instead of him killing me as usual I smoked his ass tonight. Now those of you who read this humble blog know I suck at cash games. However tonight I P@wned EVERYONE. I mean if I called an all-in with A2 of hearts with one heart on the board I rivered a flush. It was AEWSOME. I quickly ran my $20 buyin up to $50. Including once nice Q-high flush vs Mr. Dreamy's J-high. That cost him some money. I left him with a few bucks so I could enjoy.

The MTT scene was not as good. Busted out of WWDN and another tourney, short stacked, with pocket 4's. What can ya do? One time someone had QQ the other AQ. The flop for the AQ was AA and I was pretty much drawing dead.


Blogger BTD said...

Congrats on your cash game success!!! "May many a fishy bankroll be yours for the taking!!!" Got to u this time through "All In" - nice!


12:51 AM

Blogger iamhoff said...

Nice to see at least the cash game is working for ya. I've only ever had mixed success at cash games...I consistently do better at tourneys. On that note, I watched you for a while in the WWdN. Sorry you busted out before the money, running into higher pairs sucks. Oh well. It was fun watching.

12:57 AM

Blogger iggy said...


Sorry for busting you in the WWdN, but I had to call you my QQ. I didn't do much more with your chips as I went out in 8th.

7:34 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

There's always an open seat at the PLO8 games for you Waffle ;)

8:02 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

It is ok man, you had a better hand. I was semi-short stacked and it was a good call. It just was an unlucky night for me. Happens. I will win something bigger and better another night.

At least you finally signed up for my Frappr.. we are only 40 behind AlCantHang.. I think we can catch him as his Frappr has gone stagnant.

8:51 AM

Blogger ScottMcM said...

But lets be honest there my breakfast food friend. In the long run who is ahead? :)

I managed to get back up to $63 bucks before the end of the night/morning which is not a bad run when you consider that is about $100 swing on a $10 max table and a $20 max.

I was of course up to 80% hands played at one point and ended the night/day at over 1200 hands spread over 4 tables with a total of 65% flops seen.

I think we need to renew the glory days of our old LIMIT HOLD'EM sessions... I do have a house note to pay after all and you were kind enough to take care of some of that in the past :P

Mr Dreamy

11:58 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

You eggagerate as usual.. I took PLENTY of cash off those limit tables in those days.. just not from you.. Besides we are not talking about who was better in the distant past of a few months ago, nor are we talking about who is better long term, what we really are talking about is: Nah Nah Nah Nah! I beat your ass last night!! Nah Nah Nah Nah!

Even though you had to continue working for the rest of the night to come back from the beating I gave you, I think BB/per hour for that game, that night, goes to me. So suck it up and try and get it back tomorrow.

12:57 PM


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