Sunday, February 12, 2006

Up's and Down's

Well it was an interesting game. Albeit a little short. I busted out pretty early. I was trying to MAKE things happen instead of LETTING them happen. Alot of my "A" game vs my "D" game has to do with how patient I feel.. how convinced I am that I have time.. It is key. In the 750K I did not have my "A" game on. So I made bad moves, got called by bad players, and busted out pretty fast. I actually got taken out by the Donkey hand when I raised AK pre- and he flopped his Queen. I was pot committed by the time I did my continuation bet and that was it. I am going to try and play the 3$ rebuy again and see if I can get into the 750K again.

On the up side I doubled my Titan bankroll and was not even playing Blackjack. Nope. I played in the 2K MTT and took 5th. I could have done better but I pushed with AQ and ran up against AK. Oopsie. What is a guy to do? In three minutes after I busted out the two smaller stacks busted. So I probably cost myself a third place finish but it was the right move.

So the bankroll stands at $600ish between Titan and Stars. Not a bad start. My affiliate money should be coming on the 15th too so I can take a crack at making a roll on Full Tilt. I have yet to ever get a nice roll going there so that would be a good goal.

Best of all it seems (for the moment) I have left the insane part of me behind. I am growing in ways as a Poker player that I never though possible. Bad Beats and Suckouts rarely piss me off lately. Oh yeah I have some flashback and bad times. The whole let's destroy our bankroll feeling has left for now though.If I lose an 10$ MTT, then I play another one. No need to go up to a higher level. Same with SNGs. I just let it happen. Who knows maybe someday I can be a Professional player, not in the sense of playing for a living but in the true meaning of the word professional: somebody recognized for expertise or skill in a craft or activity.


Blogger BTD said...

Tryin to make things happen always get me killed too. It took a while for me to get that but once I did everything opened up. Even though most online players a total morons, even a dead man can wake up with a hand. (Figuratively speaking of course.) So pushing around weak players can only get you so far.

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