Monday, February 13, 2006


Slow week at work so far so been building my bloglines links. Have collected 348 and counting. Finding new sites like the Poker Road Warrior, he might have to be my blog of the month for that monitor setup. I know some people have much better ones but this is the first time I saw his. I was kind of getting embarrassed about the Isabelle dream but at least Garth enjoyed it. Heh. Oh well.. Hell, I even said something nice about the Poker Princess today, we don’t exactly get along.. probably because I call her Marge all the time and ask about her blue hair. She is however, from what I have seen and read, one hell of a poker player. Of course nobody can read my damn comment until I go home and approve it. You would think CardPlayer would remember I am not some spambot and let me post my comments automajically. Oh well.

While I am ranting and raving and misbehaving in general I might as well remind you to sign up to the DADI: Heads Up. It starts at 9PMEST on Poker Stars Friday 2/17. The password is: BlogsAreGay. I have yet to signup, but I am going to fix that tonight. I will be registering in the DADI and WWDN and then playing a 20/2 SNG to make all that scratch back. Possibly the 180/SNG after that if the night is going well.

Darn work.. totally lost my train of thought if I ever had one.

Titan Poker is still a hotbed of fishie goodness. Only site on the internet where I can beat the cash game. I took twenty from Mr. Dreamy’s table. He warmed the fish up for me. Usually he gobbles me up in the frenzy too, but I was on the lookout for his evil tricks and was able to double up my buyin. My favorite hand of the night was in my second 2500MTT of the night. I wish I had saved the chat on this one. I have AK, standard pre-flop raise, a three to a flush flush flop, with my King being the NUT flush if another heart comes and TPTK. So I push on the flop. I get called by 42o gutshot straight draw with a dead 4 high 4-card flush draw and the turn is 5 and the river is .. 6 .. and that my friends makes the fish a straight that did not even exist when all the money went in. I told her nice hand. She then though I was insulting her. I tried to explain that I just thought the hand was incredibly funny and was not commenting on her putting her money in as a 99% underdog (97% actually but who’s counting). Hell she improved to 93% on the turn. Who knew? She still did not get it. So I told her she was too stupid to understand and I was done talking fish. I actually busted before her when my AQ ran up against AK. Again. She thought that was funny. Yeah, I will take my 5th place cash and what could have been another cash and laugh at your NEVER EVER GONNA WIN ANYTHING ass all day long.

Andy Beal vs the Corporation continues. That has to be a crazy ass game. I guess Andy is back up. I hate corporations so I am pulling for the little guy. Ok, ok, So he is a Billionaire and this puts a fault in my logic. So what. I still like the guy. Of course I may have put the Waffles curse on him by cheering. Oops. Sorry Andy!

Congrats to Iggy on his bubble finish in the 750K! WOW! Beating out 5000 people and being just shy of the money. That my friends is a GREAT accomplishment. I know he will make it one of these times.

Ran across this site too. Strange. Here is what my blog spilled out. Thanks to Grinders Warehouse for that one.

I almost forgot.. doesn't Al look alot like Glenn? Hmm.. maybe that is why he is one of her favorites?

Ok. Done with the Iggy length rambling Uber Blog. Good luck and see you tonight at the tables.


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