Friday, February 10, 2006


The new blogs running well. I guess everyone hates it since there was no "Nice Job", "Thanks for making it less dark", "About time motherfucker".. I have increased my bloglines roll to over 300 entries. I know I am insane. I like collecting things though. Impulsively. Insanely. Collecting. At least by adding everyone in I got to read alot of new juicy poker content as well as some of the bad things happening around the blogsphere.

I owe SoxLove or his wife ten bucks. Get me the exact pokerstars account to send to and I will pay up tonight. No biggie. However that brings me to the subject of todays post: How can your game change so much in one day? It is weird. I played an aewsome game on Tuesday. I was lucky enough to be ahead on every hand I had to showdown. Also all of my slightly-ahead hands held up. Last night I sucked. I was slightly ahead of Iggy's AJ with my pair of sevens but as loose of a push as Iggy's was my call was probably ten times worse. Of course little Napoleon pushing you around is not exactly a tell of a strong hand, just of a very strong Poker player. I then proceeded to double up my $400 roll with of all hands T9. CJ tried to take me out with AK, pshhhwawww. What was I thinking? I guess that CJ was trying to steal my blind.. either that or why the hell not I only have 2BB. He then got all his chips back when I re-raised his initial raise with KQo. I mean how Donkey is that? I was glad to see two live cards but I am a better player than that .. I think. I guess with us inconsitent types it all comes down to doing what you know how to do ALL THE TIME.

At least I came in tenth in the PLO tourney. It was a nice score and I am going to try PLO some more even though my entire strategy is to play only ten hands. I can give you the URL if your interested. The bad taste in my mouth from that one was when I raised 6K pre-flop with KK and pushed with an Ace on the board. Of course the numbnuts that had called me pre-flop would have at least an ace, right? Yup. That was about all he had besides a HUGE stack. Moron. Actually to be fair when you have a HUGE stack in O8 its not a bad idea to push small margins. My play on the flop was far worse than anything he did. Next time I will keep my dick in my pants and make the real money.

Oh well.. only a few more hours to juice poker fun. The bankroll is still doing well with only a 2$ loss since the WWDN championship and over $100 profit on Titan Poker from a free $20 they game me. Should I put it all down on one blackjack hand? heh. Just kidding. If I ever get that bankroll to a respectable level I am IMMEDIATLY cashing out half. The Pros: The players SUCK FAR WORSE than any players anywhere. The Cons: Not alot of players, the Sidegames could be a distraction if you let them. I honestly hope Pokerstars and Full Tilt stay away from the Blackjack/Roulette monies on there primary sites. Open an affiliate that does that crap if you want. Show your customers that you actually care about them. Enough ranting and raving for one day. Catcha later.


Anonymous Ingoal said...

Aye, here's your pat on the back: "Nice job Mr. Waffles!" - the new layout is easier on the eyes and hence get's my stamp of approval :-) !

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