Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Apology in Advance

SteelerJosh has yet to rename the blog. He better hurry up. His time is running out. Only 5 more days! Just kidding man, I will give you the full week once you make up your mind.

So my favorite word of the night: CUNTBAG! Sorry. I have been running SO badly the past few weeks I am just glad I won that 180/SNG. I have been handling my bad run un-characteristically well though. At least so far. My one “tilt” playing of higher levels was a quickie $50/SNG. Otherwise I have been sticking to 2-3 10$ a night. Last night was no different. Played a 45/SNG and a 3$ Rebuy. Had over 20K in chips until my KK got cracked by QT. I got all the money in on the Q high flop.. blah blah blah.. and he rivered trips. CUNTBAG! I then got knocked out of the one when my A2o flopped two pair only to run up against A7o – two pair again. CUNTBAG! Oh wait, I was behind the whole time on that one wasn’t I? *sigh*. You know you have great friends by the way when you start cursing and they can not wait to either laugh or set the over/under on 60-CB's for the night. Thanks Boys!

The tilt control is working a little though. No major bankroll death. I am down over $250 since I won the 180/SNG which brings me slightly under 1K but I keep grinding away at the 10$ levels. I am hoping maybe the WWDN will pull me out of my slump. Who knows though. I am probably going to play some 25/NL cash game or maybe take a page from Iggy’s book and grind away some ½ LHE. Who knows. It sucks being in a rut though.


Ok, not really. I still have Anger Control issues. However I am fast coming to the realization that Poker is all about TINY TINY TINY TEANIE edges that are so small you can not measure them in a year. When we like to say “Poker is about skill not luck” we are really kidding ourselves if we think this means that we can win on any kind of consistent basis. What we can do is scratch out small edges over long periods of time and make a fucking boatload of money if we are willing to be patient, wait, not tilt, and not look at any small timeframes like years. Sometimes we may even hit the lottery and win a lot of cash in an MTT. However do not count on it. When you can truly internalize this then you will have become a poker player. I have years of therapy sessions to go.

I have also been thinking about the whole Poker Chump thing. I really do not understand all the hostility to the guy. I mean he is an immature, probably young, guy, who like to stir things up and start trouble. I am not sure he has said anything too controversial. He says his women would get smacked if they mouthed off to him. Well I for one thing he is full of shit. Just talking out of his ass like usual. Is it the most PC thing to say? No? Is it stupid and immature? Yeah. Does he really do it? I doubt it. Who knows. The other thing that got him into hot water was saying that he uses a women’s avatar to get more action. Well, I hate to say it, but it probably works. Not because women are inferior players. Some of the most fearful players to me are women. It is because men are pigs and A LOT of them underestimate women. It is a fact. They try to bully, and push around, and call down women players. So could you in theory get an edge by using this against them? Sure, why not? I know a lot of women poker players run into this in B&M casinos. They smile, and giggle, and take the suckers money all the way to the bank. Anyway I have played FAR worse people than the Poker Chump and have heard a lot more bullshit on blogs than what he spits out. I think if he grows up a little and stops typing LOLOLOLOL all the time I might even be able to read his blog. He also is not the worse player I have ever seen. I did not notice anything particularly innovative or any superstar play but I also did not see any total donkey play either. Decent solid play in general. IMHO.

Since I am spewing out all kinds of crap today as I sit bored at my stupid ass contract gig that is not supplying me enough work to make me happy and fulfilled or at least distracted for the day I might as well say a few things about Joe Speaker. I know nothing about the guy except what I read in his blog. However I was thinking about his writing lately and it has been some stellar stuff. I feel like it has really hit home with me. As I have mentioned in the past I am dealing with a lot of shit in my life. It makes me depressed and unavailable to my family at time. I have really been moved a lot by Joe’s writing about his own son AJ. Now I have not made any changes in my life or improved my situation, but every little nudge towards the hill helps, so thanks for sharing something so deep and painful. I really feel that every time someone opens their soul up to the world it connects at some deep level with many other humans and causes “things” to happen. Good things. Helpful things. So thanks a lot Joe!

See you all tonight at the WWDN. Do not miss the rescheduled Kat Fight tonight too. It starts at 10:30EST on Pokerstars so you have time before Wil’s tourney. Can Veneno vanquish Katitude? Will the Suckout Goddess go down?

In other uplifting new the Blogfather is going to be running some WSOP tourney entries. The good news? I could play in a WSOP. The bad news? Either Al or Iggy or Pauly would probably cause me to OD on Booze, Guinness, or Cronic, and die. Oh well. At least I will have some fun!


Blogger Bloody P said...

I'm with you on the whole Poker Champ thing. He doesn't seem like THAT bad of a guy, or THAT bad of a poker player. Maybe a little under-educated in the arenas of life and the felt.

I almost felt bad for the guy on The Chicks vs. Champs LOLOL!! night. I started laying into him, expecting a redneck-donkey-like reaction, but got nuthin'. So I eased up and just watched him play and kibitzed with everyone there.

Maybe I'll see you at the WWdN tourney tonight, yo.


1:30 PM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...

We were going to start the cuntbag drinking game but realized we would soon be in the hopital if we drank everytime you said that.

2:35 PM

Blogger Randy G said...

Gotta come give you props on being my first ever commentor on your own blog sir. NH.

P.S. Don't be afraid to pimp my blog around the fine community of bloggers.

3:35 PM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Here's some stellar advice from the Chump:

"I'm down $50 already and so now I got to win $250 to keep up my pace. I decided to go to a NL$200 table."

"call with any two suited cards if there hasn't been a raise."

"I also don't like to raise with big pairs because I don't want to chase any of the action out."

Just a small sample of his expert tips that he wants to charge for.

3:44 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I never said he was a genius, but what I saw of his play was fine.

3:57 PM

Blogger Rick said...

Where and when did you say this Kat fight was? Since Wil's tourny starts in 10 minutes, I assume you had the time wrong??

Rick (aka darva)

5:19 PM

Blogger Rick said...

I wanted to see how Veneno plays, compared to Quatloos. ;-)

Rick (aka darval)

5:20 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Kat fight is 10:30EST, After WWDN.

5:21 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

Waffle you are the most entertaining person to listen to while they play a tourney online.

I wish I had your spirit. Good luck.

6:25 AM


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