Friday, March 03, 2006

Nightmare on Waffle Street?

...but let's just try and give you a taste, nightmare style. So, it's like you are told that you're going to find a treasure chest in your room full of diamonds and gold and you walk in, and find even more treasure than you had imagined. You feel so lucky, how blessed you are to just walk into so much! You are already greedily counting and day-dreaming about what you will buy with it all, and you reach for it, you get close enough that your hand brushes can feel the cool, hard edge of the first glinting blue diamond, when it all of a sudden becomes just an ordinary wooden bed, which is disappointing enough, but then you notice in the bed, your mom is there!!! And oh my god, she's being sodomized by a gigantic zodiac bear!!! What a swift and shocking transition! And then to add a touch of the bizarre, a giant crab waddles in, knocks you over (you break three ribs) and it then proceeds to decapitate your mom. Gallons of blood and unidentifiable innards that used to be your beloved mother spew all over the room, and you open your mouth to scream at the horror and frustration of it all, but before you can, a smirking man in glasses materializes in front of you, introduces himself as Mark Standerfer, looks around at the carnage, but then simply shrugs and has time to say, "You're so emotional, it's just vari-" before the crab also snips him in half. Before you can even truly register all of that, the crab and bear fight to the death, and the bear wins...which in of itself isn't so bad, but with dawning terror, you realize that just leaves you and the horny 9-foot bear in the room together... and before you know it, you're under his massive paws and he's doing the unspeakable to you, with his proportionally large bear unit.
- Eston

Not as great as my blog, because I need more details. However he did bust a 20K stack in a short period of time... so he beats me there.. I have made and busted only 5-6K myself. Anyway, I feel his pain.. not right this minute, but is resonates. I am going to ask but I assume he was playing WAYYYY above his bankroll limits. Let this be a lesson.


Blogger estonb said...

I didn't really go Busto! I just lost a portion of my bankroll.

5:23 PM


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