Sunday, March 05, 2006

Birthday Bash

Sorry for everyone who missed it. It was a great game. Last minute it had to be switched to Stars because of a Full Tilt server issue.

9:00 – DuggelChicken out playing The HAMMER! Perfect way to go out!
9:03 – Win a pot vs Garth. 999 flop. Sorta do not think he has it. My A8 is goot.
9:05 – Trauma makes a huge bluff bet with 45o. He wins.
9:10 – Veneno takes SoxLover out when he can not fathom her limping with an Ace HU in the SB.
9:15 – Trauma busts HRC with a DONKAAAY move.. Nice gutshot dude.
9:18 - DA wishes me Happy B-Day! Thanks Man! (He was too scared to play)
9:19 – Kaelin is next to go.
9:21 – My Ladies hold up against Trip-Jax for a nice doubleup.
9:23 - DNasty gets reamed by Trip-Jax tens with his 9’s.
9:24 – Trip-Jax is my bitch. He just donked off some more chips to me.
9:25 – The Shit talks flies

TripJax: i had the same hand from our last time
TripJax: you had me beat
Dealer: Game #4190013868: TraumaPoker wins pot (105)
Dealer: Garthmeister, it's your turn. You have 15 seconds to act
SirFWALGMan: ya I knew what you had by your bet
SirFWALGMan: :)
SirFWALGMan: remember I am better than you, lol
TripJax: easy to say after i tell you : )

9:26 – My Bitch leaves taken out by me. I sit in first place.
9:30 – Down to two tables. This is going fast.
9:33 – Trauma donks off 2K for me. When I river him with an Ace. I thought he was behind the whole way but he was actually ahead. He kept calling my bets until I rivered him. He then bet into me. I called. He said bad things to me.
9:36 – I suckout on Mookies KK with 33, he calls my all in, and rivers me with a K.
9:38 – Take a few chips from Veneno with Aces.
9:39 – Trauma folds his hand before the river because he is embarrassed by his hand.
9:40 – I am in first again. Sweet.
9:41 – Call a raise with the hammer. Had to fold it.
9:43 – Ingoal goes out. Trauma sucks out a flush when his TT gets cracked by a king on the flop.
9:48 – Josh sucks out on me with A8 and I suck out on Trauma with AQ. Trauma is out. JJ no goot.
9:52 – Veneno goes all in. Nobody is dumb enough to call her pre-flop. Suckout Goddess takes the blinds.
9:54 Hammer again. Had to fold it after I called 300 pre-flop.
9:55 Who invited Mookie? Lol.
9:58 – Seven people see the flop and its 88. Mookie takes it down with a King as everyone checks every street and Mookie turns the K.
9:59 – I made the first break. Fourteen left. Mookie, GCox, and SuckoutJosh round out the top three. Katitude is in seventh. Veneno is still in. I started this game in MEGA TILT and losing 6K has not helped. I started the game with a ton of AA,KK,AK,AQ hands and they seem to have dried up.
10:04 – Stb gets knocked out. KJ s00ted vs AK.
10:06 – Veneno gets AA and knocks me down to 260.
10:07 – A4 diamonds. I am dooooomed. Flopped top two pair and got checked down by Mookie and Steeler.
10:08 – A2 vs QJ. Hope it holds up.Mookie sucks out on me and I resuck on the river.
10:09 – AQ diamonds. JJ. I got 1800 chips now. It is cool. Better than the 260 Veneno left me with.
10:10 – Hoyazo gets taken out by SteelerJosh.
10:11 – Mookie calls my 450 raise with the Mook and Mooks out on me.
10:12 - AK, TT, all in twice in a row again. JJ calls and im done. Out in 11th. The deck was killing me and I still lost. That was fun. Veneno and Katitude Outlasted me too. That was interesting.
10:16 - Jules take Josh down a peg with her AA vs his 77. Mookie and Josh in first and second. *PUKE*. Just kidding guys.
10:17 – Nobody wants to play with Kats Bitches.
10:21 – SoxWife Takes Out Cox. *snicker*. Final table feature Kipper, HighOnPoker, SoxWife, Katitude (never though I would say that), Mookie, SteelerJosh, and Kats friend. Oh yeah and some dude named A10. Who the hell are you?
10:23 – Veneno Sucks out on Mookie.
10:24 – SoxWife Takes out Jordon! She is the chip leader by far.
10:26 – Kipper is all in. Takes the blinds.
10:26 – Part Duex: Kipper is all in again. Takes the blinds again.
10:28 – Veneno 99 all in vs Kipper QJ. Kipper doubles up. Veneno has 5K left. Kipper acts like a pussy and apologizes.
10:29 – SteelerJosh Re-Raises SoxWife. She folds like a girl.
10:31 – Veneno folds to aggression from SoxWife.
10:32 – Jewels gets a check-raise on her bluff and has to fold.
10:34 – SteelerJosh steals Jewels blinds
10:35 – Mookie takes Veneno out when his KQ outkicks her KJ on a KK3 flop. Kipper goes down with 9’s too. Donkey hand always wins. My dreams of a three way Kat fight stand with Jewels, Kat, and SoxWife.
10:38 – Jewels sucks out on Mookies set of sixes with AK diamond flush on the river.
10:40 – SoxWife takes the blinds.
10:41 – Mookie takes out SteelerJosh with AA vs 88. He has 16K in chips and is putting a damper on my all female final three.
10:43 – I figure out A104I9 is BigPirate. Woo hoo! I like him. Still cheering for a Female Final Three though.
10:47 – Katitude Drops The Hammer!
10:48 – SoxWife vs Mookie. Jewels folded pocket 4’s. Would have made a set. She woulda taken a lot of SoxWife’s stack.
10:50 – Kat Bets. BigPirate raises all in. Kat thinks. Kat folds. Kat has wireless problems. Kat keeps getting disconnected. This is really hurting my chances of three lady final.
10:53 – Jewels and BigPirate tangle. Jewels bets the turn and the Pirate folds to her AQ, Ace high, Nothing.
10:58 – Kat goes all in. SoxWife folds. A lot of folding in this game.
10:59 – Kat goes all in AGAIN and takes the blinds once more.
10:59 – Kat AK vs Mookie KJ. Kat may double up! She does not as the river brings a straight on the board. Mookie for sure has a HorseShoe up his ass.
11:00 – Big Pirate is all in. SoxWife calls. QQ vs 99 and SoxWife loses a few chips. At least the game is picking up. The blinds are 200/400. Largest stack is 16K.
11:02 – Katitude takes a hand. She is inching up there but still in last place.
11:03 – Kat moves into 5th place. Go Girl!
11:05 – Second break. Nobody has a commanding lead. As the FilmGeek would say “Weak”. Mookie is way ahead but is playing tight. No bullying.
11:06 – Everyone agrees to an 80-45-45-45-45 split. “Weak”.
11:13 – Jewels flops two pair and Mookie folds.
11:14 – Kat Bluffs. Kat Scores. BigPirate sinks further.
11:16 – Jewels takes out BigPirate and my dream of a final chick table lives!
11:17 – Mookie drops the Hammer! Jewels swears.
11:18 – Kat is out. K9 vs AK. Mookie gets the banner and my dreams are over.
11:22 – SoxWife finishes off Jewels. SoxWife did a semi-bluff all in with K8 and Jewels goes and calls with Q9. She does not improve. Next hand she goes out with 56 vs A8.
11:25 – Mookie is getting POUNDED on by SoxWife.
11:27 – Mookie is getting SPANKED. I wish I could say Jewels is getting Spanked by SoxWife. Sounds better.
11:29 – Mookie just give up.
11:30 – Kat suggests shopping for SoxWife: Eww.
11:32 – Mookie wins! Wow! Lucky bastard. HE was being dominated. Oh well. Good Job Mookie! SoxWife Ruled! Four out of six of the final table were women. Not bad ladies! Not Bad!


Blogger Veneno said...

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10:19 PM

Blogger Veneno said...

Most entertaining! Enjoyed your recap. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday week.

10:21 PM

Blogger Jules said...

Excellent tourney! Have a great Birthday and hopefully we'll fulfill you're all-female-final-table dreams some other time.

2:29 AM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Great tourney, Waffles, a good time was had by all. And I didn't even get sucked out on to lose, that's a first. No bad beat stories from me today, sorry guys.

4:31 AM

Anonymous mookie99 said...

Happy birthday ! Great live blog as well.

7:34 AM

Blogger BigPirate said...

Happy Birthday! It was a great time playing with everyone.

9:05 AM

Blogger Rick said...

Happy birthday. Live long and blog.

12:16 PM

Blogger L'artiste said...

Happy Birthday again Man!

I'm sorry I couldn't attend yesterday as my Internet connection took a dump on me. I'll get you guys back next time though!!

12:29 PM

Blogger HCR said...

Fun tourney..happy bday!

1:35 PM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...

HAHA I said bad things to you indeed. DONKEY!

3:29 PM

Blogger Randy G said...

Hopefully this is a popular post title and people search for poker blog posts title Birthday Bash for March 5, 2006 because unwittingly I have a post titled the exact same and on the same date. Good lookin' out SirWal.

3:37 PM


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