Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I just feel like saying the word: Intuition. Lately I have made a few bad laydowns because I did not trust my intuition. I think if your playing NLHE (and you have mad intuitive skills) you MUST trust yourself. It is very important. I made a laydown against "The Hammer" in the WWDN that I should not have. It was raised pre-flop, checked post flop, and popped when the hammer would have made an OESD. I said to myself "That smells like the hammer", and even though I would have probably been rivered I think I should have trusted myself and pushed. Intuition is not the same thing as what-the-fuck-I-might-be-good. It is a totally different thing. If you can not tell the difference it might be better to fold. Once you play enough hands of Poker your brain starts telling you things. Listen to it. It is smarter than you are. 'Nuff Said.


Blogger iamhoff said...

Amen. Harrington et al always talk about calculating the pot odds, checking your outs, etc., and it's all good advice. But there have been more times than I care to count where the gut feel intuition either is or would have been the right call. It is definitely hard to run with a gut call on an 89s, but sometimes you gotta trust the intuition. Right now, my intuition is telling me to get a good cup to prevent future junk kicking. Good post.

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