Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Katitude: Queen of the Mookie MTT

I often will say nice things about bloggers but this time I really mean it.Katitude is a real poker player. You might ask why I say this? First off I am EXTREMELY proud of how she has done in MANY MANY recent MTTs. Getting to final tables and making the money several times. Tonight she had her first orgasm poker style – First Place in the Mookie MTT! It is her first final table ever. The thing that I think makes her a good player though is her ability to listen and learn. I first met Kat in the WWDN tourneys. I nicknamed her “My ATM” because in almost every game she basically handed me her chips. I probably owe her for several final tables. After I got to know her a little we had a conversation about TPTK. How I felt she overplayed it and how she needed to pay attention to the aggression on the table. I swear she took that conversation to heart. Those few words have increased her skills a hundred fold. It is paying off for her now too. I asked her in tonight’s game what the two biggest improvements in her game were lately. I knew the answer but wanted to hear what she said: “I am more aggressive” and “I have learned to fold”. So true Kat sooooo true! I could not be prouder of her. Everyone go over to her blog and congratulate her on the win. She deserves it. She is a winner, not because of one game, or one week, but because she is a student of the game and is willing to learn and adjust. Let’s all learn something from her example.


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