Monday, March 20, 2006

The Plan

Plans are good. I like plans. Planning is nice. So lets review. Stars has been kicking me in the balls. All I have won really in the past month is 2-20$/180SNGs. First and third. Impressive but somewhat empty. So I am going to curtail my actions on stars for a week. Let the feeling that my best hand will never win go away. The bankroll is down to $940 or so. So I am investing only $20 a day on Stars. I will play the 20$/180SNG on M/W/F this week, and the WWDN on T/TH along with some other 10$ event possibly.

Second part of the plan. My Full Tilt bankroll is growing. I am killing the 5$/HORSE SNGs. So I am going to play the 10$/HORSE SNGs, and 5-10$ SNGs or MTTs. See where I can take it. It is sitting at $217 right now so I am going to try and grow it to a working bankroll. I have a nice foothole right now.

So that is the plan for the week. We will see how it rolls.


Blogger jjok said...

I, too, had the Stars ball-kicking adventure at the end of feb too. It was weird.

I moved over to FT and have been seeing that their SNG's are pretty soft.

Did you notice they are doing the same 180-man tourney with a 4 dollar buy-in now? Kinda weird.....not sure if it's worth the investment, but could definitely be fun getting bounced by the donkeys (me).

11:53 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Interesting. They also added a $50 one. 90 people. 1300 for first. If I win a $20 I will try that one for sure.

1:09 PM


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