Thursday, March 16, 2006


I am in a rut. It seems like I am stuck at the 1100-1400 range of bankroll. I know I should not be complaining but I would like to see some upward growth. I know I am an impatient bastard. So what. SNGs still are not really clicking. I did win the Mookie Award last night and will have the tourney named after me next week "Bird Flue and Waffles". Umm, thanks. Not sure where the LHE game is right now. Getting into the feel of it again I guess. Case of the Monday dolldrums? (I know it is Thursday but I have not worked all week). Not sure. Oh well. I guess I do not feel like my game is growing today.


Blogger DP said...

Unless you're hardcore into the cash games, that's how it is. Big tournaments have a very high variance and there will often be long periods in which you don't cash big, even if you are consistently playing well.

6:57 PM


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