Monday, March 13, 2006

Waiting for the wind..

Nothing much. Still Sick. Went to the doctor. I do not get the robe thing. I mean this is one of a small group of women who have touched my naked balls. Whats up with the gown? We are tight are we not? Man is my doctor a babe though. Hot asian lady. She gave my lymphnodes a massage today. Ok, well, she was just checking if they were swollen, man was she checking the wrong node. I love a woman with strong hands.

Poker has been on the downward variance spiral. I jumped back to 1/2LHE and still playing SNGs, etc.. Played in the DADII. Was low stacked. Raised 600 of my 2K pre- with KT s00ted and got re-raised all in. I felt I had to call. He flips up KK. Ouch. Flop comes a nice Txx two spades. So I have all kinds of outs. I make none of them. I am out in 18th or so. Coughing all the way.

It is the hardest part of poker to wait for the winds to lift your sail again and ride variance way up.


Blogger HCR said...

Somehow I know the Hope you feel better. I was sick a few months ago same shit and it took forever to get over.

9:35 PM

Blogger CheddahYetti said...

What did the doctor say? I've got the same thing (tight chest, dizzyness, no pants crapping though) but I haven't found the time to go to the doctor yet. We all got baby bird flu or something?


6:28 AM

Blogger The Edge said...


Hope you're feeling better. If not, I felt clutching pain in my chest and dizziness when my lung collapsed last year. But the main symptom was that I'd be out of breath after taking 5 steps.

Get well soon,

The Edge

7:19 AM

Anonymous mookie99 said...

I think you have what they call kickedinthejunkitis. You can catch it by going to the river with a donkey and not wearing your kevlar cup for protection.

11:55 AM

Blogger Veneno said...

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1:11 PM

Blogger Veneno said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

1:12 PM

Blogger Randy G said...

Hell the variance is already on the way up. Quote, "Hot asian doctor". Positive think= positive reality.

1:39 PM

Blogger Slimeface said...

I've had the same crap for 8 weeks now. I took a Benadryl last night in the middle of the DADI and actually have been feeling better. Hope you and variance start to get better too. ))

4:14 PM


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