Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Couple other little things..

Go check it out if you want. I am not sure I can make it but maybe.

Entry Fee: $50+$5 (It's the glory, not the cash that matters).
Time: 2:30PM EST(7:30PM GMT) on Pokerstars, private tournament tab.
Entries: Anyone who visits this site
Password: tillerman
Game: No Limit Hold'em.
Extras: $50 bounty paid for knocking me out. (More than 20 entries only)

Did Wil Wheaton enter a strip poker contest? Would anyone want to play strip poker with a bunch of fat pasty guys? Does anyone want to see Wil Wheatons white, scrawny, nerdy, legs besides his wife? These questions and more not answered at The Toque.

Congrats to Katitude on wining the Mookie Back to Back! Go Girl! You Rock!


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