Friday, April 21, 2006

Keep up Kiddies

Keep up because I have alot to cover today. First off I am truely dissapointed to note that the Blogfather does not read my blog. He says that he does. I am one of his favorite bloggers, etc, etc.. but when I asked him about the Blue Veiner tourney he looked at me with those little blank dwarven eyes and said "huh?". PROOF POSITIVE! You can never trust the wee little people. So if you have not signed up get ready to. I have yet to join myself.

Next up on the pimpage is the DADI:V. A lot of good prizes available in this one. Jordon and Tripjax make that part of the blogsphere a great place to hang out. See you guys there on monday.

Even more pimpage. I went to this website and said Paul who? Ohhhh.. Dr. Pauly. Mr. McGrupp. However Paul McGuire.. never! I thought someone stole his image and was pretending to be him.

I told Katitude that she was starting a trend.. Now I have seen a few Top 100 things about me lists.. I am almost done with the Top 100 Things You Never Wanted to Know about SirFWALGMan. Some good stuff. You are so going to regret starting this!


Blogger TripJax said...

Very cool...thanks for the pimpage waffles.

1:22 PM


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