Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Big Stacks

Some people expressed a "Not care" attitude about the size of your opponents stack when deciding to play "interesting" hands. This is all my thinking from discussions with Fluxor and my own suppositions. Your interesting hands are only going to hit so often so you want to make sure when they do you are in a hand that matters. If I am playing 100/NL against guys with $25 stacks I do not want to get HU against them with my 24h. Who cares? So what if I stack them? They are scum under my heals and only keep me from my true goal of stacking the guys who have equal stacks to me. If my longshot hand hits I want to be fully paid off.


Blogger Bloody P said...

You and Fluxer do it.


8:53 PM

Blogger BadBlood said...

This is 100% true. Stack sizes are EXTREMELY important when deciding how/when to play a hand.

If I have a $200 stack, and an opponent with a $30 stack makes it $6 to go pre-flop, I'll fold my low pocket pairs.

It's all about the implied odds, especially against opponents who can't get away from their hands.

5:36 AM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

The flipside of the argument is that when your opponent is shortstacked, you play differently as well. For me, those are ideal situations, because I can push them around and do some gambling with the knowledge that if I stack them, it won't hurt me much and they'll still be a peon. I like the shortstacks, because I know, usually, how willing they are to go forward with less than optimal hands.

8:43 AM


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