Friday, May 26, 2006


Boring night for me. Down a few buck. However our favorite Hoy boy made out good! I REALLY want to score like that. How much is that buyin for the tourney anyways son? I wonder if some funds need to go to Poker Stars Bonus Code Iggy?

Miami Don has a VERY funny post at his sight. Not only does he donate to me but he makes me laugh too. What a guy! Just remember.. you will all be bowing down to the Waffle light soon enough.. so do not laugh at Wendel! I will rule the world! Did I say that out loud?

I may have a chance to get my friends Bachelor party moved to Vegas in July. Will you guys help me send him off? DAMN! That would rock. Best Friend + Bloggers + Vegas + Hooker + Strippers = WOW!


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