Monday, June 12, 2006


I will be playing in the Hoyazo Home Game tonight. Why? I love busting Hoyazo. It makes me feel like someday I can make 10K by playing like a donkey.

I am finalizing my flight and hotel plans for the Vegas trip. Sorry Pauly I will stop existing only in your mind. Should I go for the "Celebrity Spa" upgrade? I figure I am not going to be spending all that much time in my room.. so I probably should just skimp. I am thinking of doing the plane+hotel thing at Travelocity or something like that. It ends up costing like $700+ for the weekend including flight and taxes. I will probably stay at the MGM. Anyone have any better idea's?

On the note of better idea's, Where do I find information about the Blogger event and all of that crap? Texas are you responsible? How to sign up? What time its at? Where it is? How much scratch it is going to cost? Is there a webpage for this? I bet the popular people know. Oh well, I guess I will just have to spend the weekend harrassing Veneno, Kat, Jewels and Carmen. Not a bad backup plan.

Has anyone see Phil Helmouth on Celebrity Poker? I mean I know the guy has a personality but it is like he is a drone on that show. Fucking yell at someone already moron.

Did anyone read the NY Times post about the bank robbing son of a preacherman who lost thousands? Damn, Preachers are evil! We should shut them all down!!! I hate the NY Times anyways.. ever since the "Kevin Mitnick" incident. Fucking rag.

If anyone asks you if it is a good idea to buyin for half at a NL cash game to "Reduce the amount they can lose".. call them an idiot and smack them a few time. Poker is all about maximizing WINNING on all of the good hands you get. If you do not have a full buyin you can not do this. If you are worried about the amount you can lose drop down a level. Poker is not for pussies.

I recently read DP's laydown of his Kings against someone having Aces.. while I do agree that most of the time people are going to turn over a lower pair, if you have a good read, and beleive the guy has Aces you have to trust yourself and be willing to let it go. The times I most regret my poker play is when I do not beleive in myself. So good laydown. Trust your instincts.


Blogger g3no said...

"If anyone asks you if it is a good idea to buyin for half at a NL cash game to "Reduce the amount they can lose".. call them an idiot and smack them a few time."

bad punch to sooted. read his blog headline ;) he asks for correction and so on. But i think he is playing with "holy money" one or two limits too high for his bankroll.

2:12 PM

Blogger Bloody P said...

Waffles, try here to start:

I also thought there was WPBT stuff on Wikipedia, as well.

2:16 PM

Blogger Bloody P said...

Here it is:

2:18 PM

Blogger Jules said...

God help us all - Waffles is coming to Vegas

2:55 PM

Blogger April said...

Yes, the info is all over the place; he just likes to pretend that he hasn't seen it in an attempt to get under my skin.
Of course, the joke is on him when Casesar's security tackles him in the Sportsbook and removes him from the casino. ;)

4:26 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I am lucky April does not have a picture of me to show to security..

6:14 PM

Blogger April said...

You think? You'd be surprised what they have on the Sex Offender database...


7:08 PM


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