Sunday, June 11, 2006


Interesting night last night.. very sucky. I started out with a little 2-table action on the SNG front and the very first hand I have QQ vs 99. The flop comes Jxx, and all the money goes in. He flips his 9's in the air waving proudly that he knew I did not have a Jack.. Your right fucktard, I do not have a Jack.. Which turned out to be a bad thing because the turn was a 9. Ooops. I guess I made a mistake, because, I lost.

Not all was stupidity by my opponents my friends, no, no, I have been noticing a real ability to totally fuck up in the late stages of large MTTs. I am not sure why. I have gotten through 3/4ths the field of fucktards in alot of MTTs lately. I usually have a big stack too. However I overplay hands when I get there. I am not sure why. Last night was the classic. I raise my AJo to 4xBB pre-flop. Get called. The flop comes down J9x. We end up putting all our money in the middle and he has a set of 9's. Something I should be able to get away from. hmm. Oh well. I think maybe I am playing too many Mookie events.

Back to my stupid opponents though. Those ones make me laugh the best. I entered a 55/MTT to cap off the night. I end up getting rivered by runner-runner straights four times in a row. It was crazy. I for sure went on tilt in that game. I could not beleive it though. It was insane. One guy had JJ. The flop is all unders. I bet out with my AK. He cold calls. His first mistake. I then turn my king. Woo hoo! I bet pot, which is substantial by now.. and he calls.. and rivers his straight. ug. Two pair no good. The funniest part is I end up betting into him anyways.. and he cold calls. Umm. Lets review. You have the nuts. You can not be beat. There is no rake. Um. Whyyyyy?!?!?!?! Why do you mouth breathers even play? At least do your fancy 200 buck min raise to "get value" out of your hand. Mo-Ron's. I can not understand why someone would not raise there except that they are so embarressed by the way they played the hand and yet they can not fold because they would lose money. Go Figure.

I did have ONE fun hand last night. I am in a little 5.50/MTT and sort of steaming about not getting any good flops. So when a guy I am begining to dislike raises me pre-flop I call with 63o. Now the flop comes all small cards with a six. This is not the flop you want to see with this hand. You want a monster. However since I was already pissed off I pushed my stack in. He called off a HUGE amount with a decent draw (he was technically ahead statistically) and lost. He flips over his KQh and starts yelling at me. I enjoyed taunting him until he busted out. Wayyyy before me. I checked out his stats on SharkScope and he was at -57%. That is VERY hard to do and I made sure to compliment him.

So after that I decided I had enough for the night and would have to wait another day to exact my revenge.


Blogger Bloody P said...

I'm pretty sure you owe me, like, $20 after that post.

Stars transfer is fine. I still owe Jordan $6.



6:18 PM

Blogger Marxst1 said...

I hate it when waffles muscles in on my gig... having the nuts and betting to be called by unders who hit the straight is my play... I catch you stealing from me again we're gonna have words!

7:57 PM

Blogger drewspop said...

Fellow girly chat participants, did Waffles just refer to some of his worthy opponents as "mouth breathers"? lol

6:36 AM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Waffles, two things.
#1 I will look for you tonight on the girly chat. I never really got to finish our convo the other day about MTTs. I'll find you.

#2 we missed you last week in my weekly homegame on pokerstars. 10pm ET tonight. password is hammer (you can see my blog for more details). Come play tonight man. A blogger event is never really the same without you. Getting busted out by me. ;)

Chat ya later man.

12:44 PM

Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

LOL @ Chris

12:46 PM


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