Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I love the Mookie tourney. It is fast becoming one of my favorite. Not just because I have placed 2nd, 1st, 2nd in the past three week. No. Actually that does help.. but priceless moments like taking out Mookie or watching Hoyazo fall, then JJJOK or removing HRC for the second week. Ahh.. Those are the things that make me sleep well at night.

It was a really fun game. I even got to talk trash with Dr. Pauly, the only one who makes me exist, and fantasize about the lovely Ms. Change in a Catholic Girl Skirt with Knee Highs, I think Black would look good against her alabaster skin.. mmm... WAKE UP WAFFLES. If only Mrs. Mook would call me an asshole again it would have been a perfect night.. oh well.. These are the reasons I play the Mookie. I think CJ plays for a shot against me so he can hone his skills.


Blogger HCR said...

Whats your address? I need to break in and steal that luckbox you have next to your naked lady machine.

Hey man you didn't bust me I busted myself...I'll make sure I have enough butter on hand next time.

7:24 AM

Blogger jjok said...

Great fun last night man......

Congrats on ANOTHER great showing.

7:49 AM

Anonymous mookie99 said...

Great job AGAIN last night. With your Mookie winnings this past month, you can make that payment on your Lexus. Keep this up and you'll be calling this tourney - Car Payment.

So, using the bounty to bet on a soccer game ? Figured you would find some obscure midget wrestling or something like that to drop the money on.

8:21 AM

Blogger CJ said...

Um... hardly know what to say...

The Mookie isn't on my radar normally. Wednesday is Pool Table Poker Night for the most part.

8:40 AM

Anonymous Mrs. Mook said...


8:57 AM


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