Friday, June 09, 2006

WWDN:Not - My Real Prize

Ode to SirFWALGMan (Ron wanted to have a little sidebet last night and this is the end result, MAN that guy has talent!!!)

SirFWALGMan is the greatest poker player in the world. He makes my head spin and my heart swoon when he raises my blinds. Lesser players beg him to take their chips and and he welcomes them with his mighty arms. SirFWALGMan can walk on water and, if it came down to it, he could probably kick Chuck Norris' ass. Certainly he could do so at poker. SirFWALGMan is my hero and we should all worship him with adulation.

If I had to choose between a year's supply of Ginger Chews or playing head's up with SirFWALGMan, I would pick SirFWALGMan.

When you are sleeping in bed and you awake to a strange creaking noise, SirFWALGMan will be there to protect you.

SirFWALGMan for South Carolina Governor!


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