Friday, July 14, 2006

My Second Live Game Ever

Let’s see where was I when I last left you my dear readers.. Carmen and I will strolling naked through a field of flowers.. oh no, that was not it. I apologize, the delusional periods are lasting longer and longer these days. It must be the fever.. well at least my face is flush. Ahh yes, now I have it, Carmen had just finished signing me up for 1/2NL game at the MGM. As you might know if you read my blog this would be my second attempt at live poker.

Carmen and I were quickly seated next to each other in the 1 & 2 seats. My memory is another thing that fails me often so I will only be able to give you the highlights of this most juicy of games. In addition with Mr. Dreamy screaming at me to come over every five minutes it was a little hard to concentrate. You all know there is nobody he likes to stack more than yours truly. The people I remember at our initial table were the “Couple”, and the two Asians. I will call them Crazy and Crazier. The table was what I remembered at Foxwoods. It cost 15-20$, I.E. 10% of your stack to see any flop. The variance in these games is HUGE. It all depends if you stack the guy with third pair or if he sucks out his second pair before the river.

A few hands of note. I watched the couple in a hand that bothered me slightly. Basically the flop was AAT and the couple ended up checking the river where she turned over Ax and he flipped TT. In my opinion there is no reason to not stack your woman here. I do not care if your going to be sleeping on the couch. Please play poker.

Carmen was the way I like all my women: Tight and Aggressive. Rrrraaarrwwwrrrrrr baby. I believe she decided she would only play three hands that night. Any hand that contained AA, KK and sometimes QQ but only if there was not a lot of action pre-flop. I always like playing tight people because it is easy to put them on hands. Play some more 53o baby! Bluff a few hands like your darling Don. Well played in general though.

I got to make a play on one of the crazy Asians which made my night. Heck it may have made my weekend. The setup is something you see a lot in internet poker. I have K8c and the flop comes and ace two clubs. I bet out trying to take it down there. He calls and the turn brings me the nuts. I quickly grumble something about flush chasing idiots and check. He obliges me by pushing his entire stack in and I am suddenly up. It is sweet when it works.

Soon afterwards the lovely and drunk off her ass Veneno sits down at my table. I know this is going to get ugly and I am right. Three hands after she sits down it is all in with pocket 9s. Unfortunately the other guy had Jacks. Ouch. We will blame it on the 15 shots instead of her poker skills just to be nice. She would be alright though my fine readers as she dropped a few bucks on poker of the three card variety and flopped a RSF on her first hand. Some people have all the luck.

Carmen decided she had enough around 1-2AM and so I kept on playing until around 4AM. I finally decide to rack up and get some sleep for tomorrows WPBT game. I cashed my chips out, up around $140, and was about to hit my room when Iggy pops up out of nowhere. A bright mischievous twinkle is in his eyes. He commands me to accompany him to the Excalibur. Who am I a lonely Sir to turn down the blogfather himself. So I trudge along over to the casino with Igs and Maudie and a few others. I meet Otis for the first time. Have some interesting conversations with Iggy and Maudie. All of a sudden like a senior citizen with dementia Iggy wanders off. I can not figure out where he has gone. One minute he is talking to me next minute he has disappeared. I quickly check my shoes to make sure an accident did not happen with our little friend. Maudie reassures me that he is prone to wondering and will return home eventually. So I bid my farewells to the wonderful Maudie and decide to rest up for the WPBT tourney the next.. umm.. in a few hours. I hit my room, set my alarm, and get an hour or two of rest. I am excited for what will be a great day of meeting bloggers and hopefully winning some money.

Next Episode: WPBT and Icky Finally Wakes Up


Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Awesome. As an addendum can I remind everyone that you spent the next morning at the Tourney telling everyone the two of us ran into about "these two crazy Asians" you bitchslapped the night before?

I saw an Asian guy at one of the nearby tables look like he was gonna cockpunch you, before he realized you were THE Waffles, at which point a look of awe overcame him and all was well.

5:39 PM

Blogger katitude said...

lol...waffles, love your trip report!

9:30 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

There's only two places I've seen Iggy sit.

Casino bar.

Poker table.

Glad you had fun.

8:01 AM


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