Wednesday, July 12, 2006

WWDN and some Cash

I played the WWDN last night. I think I played well even though I went out 30th or so to Mrs. Sox. She outplayed me pre-flop. Nice job. I was getting good cards and had a nice stack when I look down to see the pretty ladies. I am waiting for the little missie to play and she pops it up to 5x blinds. I put her on 88-QQ and figure I will re-raise her. I pop it back a bunch. She waits a few and then puts me all in. I have 1700 left to call. I go with my initial instincts and go ahead and call. I figure if she learned her game from SoxLover then she might even have pockets 9's.. however in this case she had the Cowboys. Nicely played. She busted me. Reminds me of a hand me and Sox had a while ago when I popped my Aces a silly amount and Sox pushed all in with some hand like jacks.. I think he yelled at me. Not sure. heh. I am also glad she went far with my chips.

I played some cash afterwards. I made a stupid mistake because I was angry at someone. The setup. I have pocket aces. I pop it to 1.25 in a .10/.25 (25/NL) game and this donkweed calls me with J9c. My raise was 3xBB+limpers. Obviously since it was s000ted he had to call. The flop comes JJx, and I get away from the hand, as he checks the river. However I lose about eight bucks between the flop, turn, and oblivion. I am fuming from that hand when I get AJx the very next hand. The flop comes 3 diamonds and I have the Jack. The same dimwad pushes all in and I do something I should never and usually would never do: CALL. He flips over two aces so my flush draw is good against his set - with a boat draw, and I do not hit. Terrible play. However this is why I am playing 25/NL. Until I can regularly crush this game I am not going higher. I can not make stupid mistakes out of anger, boredom, or frustration. I must get all the money in WAYYY ahead of my opponents every time and then I shall move up.

I bought back in to another table after a few minutes and managed to make like four bucks. Nice! I think one problem with my cash game (besides impatience) is that I need to have a bigger block of time to allow things to happen. I usually play cash after a Mook or WWDN or one of those which leaves me an hour or two to play. Anyway.. I refuse to let NLHE cash games kick my ass. I will defeat you. You will be my bitch! I will bend you over! You have been warned!

** Mookie tonight if you dare.


Blogger slb159 said...

I can literally copy-and-paste that post into my blog. But you'd sue me for plagarism, right?

1:33 PM

Anonymous Ingoal said...

What's so scary about the hand (in the cash game) you described is that the SAME thing happened to me, although my hand was in a 45SnG on FullTilt: We're at the final table, three handed...I hold AA and pop it preflop to around 6k (can't remember the exact blinds, but they were relatively high already, I think the BB was 1500)...he calls out of the BB...flop comes down JJx...he pushes his remaining stack...I'm almost certain that I'm beat (d'oh), but I just want to look him up...sure enough Mr.Dipshit shows J9d...after he takes down the huge pot (leaving me with 9k in chips) I cursed him out for playing the old "but they were s00000000ted"-routine...and I bust in 3rd...

Funny how similar hands go down on different rooms at similar times in poker :-)

[btw: I was so frustrated after that shitty hand that I called it a night and didn't even write about it]

2:01 PM


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