Tuesday, August 22, 2006

HE goot Studland Bat

I played some more stud last night. I am in a weird spot. I do not really have the bankroll to play 2/4 but then again the .25/.50 game is stupid. I wish the 1/2 game was more lively. I will probably just play 2/4 since I am not looking at Stud as being my main source of income and losing a buyin here and there at Stud will not be a huge burden.

I played a little with Slb last night. Busted him once with Aces over sevens. He actually hit trip-sixes on the river so I am somewhat surprised he did not raise me anywhere.

I also played with some named Maigrey. Now I know a Maigrey, AKA. Marge and she probably would not be playing low stakes Stud and if she did I would HOPE TO GOD she would be better than this player. As much as I like to tease Marge she is someone who I respect.

I basically lost my buyin when I completed with a Jack showing and one in the bucket, made a 3rd Jack by 5th street, and then she hit runner tens on 5th and 6th street to make two pair with her fours AND rivered a four to beat me. Ouchie. I was betting this hand every street and she never had a card higher than a ten. She also did not have a decent low draw. I may be missing some of the subtle points to stud but pocket fours against probable pocket jacks just does not seem like a chasing hand.

It was not all bad. Earlier on I had a nice hand. The kind of hand in Stud you dream of besides the scoop of a large pot is one where you have the NUT low and the guys with the high are fighting it out. I was able to get into that situation once. Where nobody else even had a possability of a low so I kept raising and re-raising as two guys fought it out for the other half.

I still find Stud relaxing. I like things you can sink your mind deeply into and forget everything else. All that your thinking of is what people have, what you have, and the next move. It is very absorbing. Probably why I like programming too.

Last night was Wall Street though baby. I made all my money playing HE. Most of it on one table where people were extra retarded. I was getting some good hands but the extra-retarded part helped. One of my first hands I raise with AK and get called by a guy with KJ. The King hits the flop and I bet small to induce a bluff raise. I hope he thinks I have an underpair. He raises me. I re-raise him and stack him. Unfortunatly he was a small 10$ stack. Luckily for me he wanted to donate some more to me along with his cousin dumbass. They both kept calling my raises with hands like K5o and donating large sums of money when my AK hit or my QQ flopped sets. Sometimes poker seems too easy.


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Blogger slb159 said...

That was A's "full" of sevens. Same difference? Nice hand though. At least I got some back from you later when I scooped. Good luck.

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